Translation of preference in Spanish:


preferencia, n.

Pronunciation /ˈprɛf(ə)r(ə)ns//ˈprɛf(ə)rəns/


  • 1

    (liking, choice)
    preferencia feminine
    I've no particular preference no tengo ninguna preferencia en especial
    • preference for sth preferencia por algo
    • my preference would be for a middle-of-the-road policy yo preferiría una política intermedia
    • in order of preference en / por orden de preferencia
    • in preference to sth/sb
    • I chose cash in preference to a trip preferí el dinero antes que un viaje
    • I would walk in preference to waiting for the bus yo iría a pie antes que esperar el autobús
    • Very often people express a preference for planting broadleaves.
    • As late as the 1960s, children at school had their knuckles rapped, or even their hand tied behind their back, if they showed a preference for the left.
    • I cannot see that this represents anything but a preference for barbarism.
    • Club players have a preference for Bank Holiday weekends to be kept free of fixtures thus enabling them to take a weekend off with family or friends.
    • Still, he's reluctant to draw any hard and fast lines between musical preference and student performance.
    • His preference is for fly fishing, but he is equally comfortable with casting or spinning tackle on board.
    • He strove to reach a balance between the musical preferences of fans and the band's own artistic pursuits.
    • My personal preference is for the blue one and, even as a fan of boring beige boxes, I'll admit I think it looks great.
    • Office seekers in Malton often declared a preference for ground floor accommodation with spaces for 50 cars outside the window.
    • In doing so he demonstrates a clear preference of respectability above passion.
    • These students want to identify themselves through their musical preferences.
    • In addition, the Asian style of diplomacy typically shows a preference for dialog over binding decision-making.
    • Europeans such as Mr. Bruni have long had a preference for fixed-income investments over stock.
    • Waterbed preference during the coldest temperatures may be enhanced by the ability of water to hold and save heat.
    • He and his colleagues had already shown that newborn chicks had a preference for objects shaped like seeds.
    • There are no equivalent varieties in the UK or Europe where consumers have a preference for potatoes with low dry matter.
    • Mass entertainment is a commodity as any other and consumer preferences and affordability should play a part here too.
    • The legs of his pants end above the tops of his shoes, a fashion preference dictated by the hours he spends ankle-deep in wet grass.
    • Both of them expressed a preference for an alternative chair person.
    • His only hobbies and recreations were those of her preference.
    • Creative Commons licenses help people express a preference for sharing their work - on their own terms.
    • Some people have a preference for the city, but quite a lot do not, and they deserve a choice.
    • The researchers also believe there is a genetic correlation between a preference for alcohol and a taste for sweets.
    • But a new study has found foetuses showing a preference for one side over the other usually retain it when after they are born.
    • What happens if they put down a non-grammar school as their first preference, but also enter their child for the admissions test at our school?
    • Well, although I'll hazard the guess that Paris will win, I think I'll express a preference for London!
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    • 2.1(priority)

      • The payment had the effect of conferring a preference, priority or advantage on those creditors over the other creditors.
      • That must be so whether the preference took the form of the payment of a debt or the grant of a security.
      • If the Court is against us on preferences, then those credits come back into our loan account.

    • 2.2Finance Economics

      preferencia feminine
      before noun preference shares / stock acciones privilegiadas / preferentes feminine