Translation of premium in Spanish:


prima de seguro, n.

Pronunciation /ˈprimiəm//ˈpriːmɪəm/



  • 1insurance premium

    prima de seguro feminine
  • 2

    recargo masculine
    Victorian furniture sells at a premium these days hoy en día los muebles victorianos están muy cotizados
    • to be at a premium (above par) estar por encima de la par
    • when time is at a premium cuando el tiempo apremia
    • I had specified matte a number of times because it was very important to me, and he was also charging me a premium price for the matte laminate.
    • It does make sense to charge a premium for added services that cost more to provide, rather than force all customers to pay the same amount, whether or not they use the extra services.
    • Some insurers provide premiums to pensioners or enhanced benefits by waiving excesses.
    • Organic food consumers say the company's claim is phony; it simply didn't want to pay organic farmers the price premium the feed demands.
    • The controversy is a re-run of the dispute over CD prices in the 1980s, when retailers charged a premium for the new format despite the fact it was cheaper to produce.
    • Managers want to pay as small a premium to the market price as possible.
    • But it is becoming increasingly hard to attract members willing to pay the premium prices at some of the leading courses.
    • Furthermore, companies can charge premium prices for customers who request speedier delivery.
    • The savings on cooling equipment more than compensates for the price premium we pay for high-efficiency lighting.
    • The good news for consumers is that the fall in the price of mortgage protection and life assurance premiums seems set to continue.
    • There is no doubt that developers do charge a premium because there is tax relief available.
    • The more transparent the market, the harder it is to maintain price discipline (the ability to charge premium prices).
    • Moreover, with five operators in place how will any one single company be able to charge the premium prices required to generate a proper return on investment?
    • The women's team won the first challenge by charging a premium price for their brew.
    • An indemnity bond is a premium charged by the lender and paid by the customer to insure the lender against a default in mortgage repayments by the borrower.
    • Permanent health protection contributions are premiums paid for income protection in the event of serious illness.
    • Employers in the restaurant, bar and tourist trade have been particularly vocal in querying the provisions on tips, weekend premiums and service charges.
  • 3

    prima feminine
    • ‘The premium is like a bonus for us, but it is not money to stick in your pocket,’ said Mr. Ender.
    • Short-term use is associated with lower penalties or, in some cases, wage premiums.
    • But workers at the Richmond plant are insisting on a wage premium that would offset the San Francisco Bay Area's high cost of living.
    • In other words, the wage premium earned by the highly skilled is increasing.
    • A wage premium based solely on citizenship is grating.
    • Much of the increase in the wage premium for education and skills is due to technological change that has increased demand for highly educated workers.
    • American workers who use computers command a wage premium of 15% over workers who do not.
    • They could have agreed to higher wages and higher employee premiums… but the workers wanted a lower paycheck in exchange for fully paid health care.
    • Such a wage premium is consistent with the very low postal quit rate, as well as the massive backlog of job applicants.
    • This may be a particularly surprising finding given the well-known growth in the skill premium, or relative wage, of college educated workers.
    • The wage premium for women who have some graduate education and are not teachers is now 40 percent.
    • Counsel for the plaintiff proposes a premium or bonus of 25 per cent.
    • Wage premiums are to be axed and working hours lengthened.


  • 1

    de primera
    de alta calidad
    premium grade gasoline gasolina súper feminine
    • premium price/rate precio elevado
    • premium product producto de superior calidad