Translation of prenuptial in Spanish:


prenupcial, adj.

Pronunciation /priːˈnʌpʃ(ə)l//priˈnəpʃəl/


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    (courtship) prenupcial
    • She had offered to sign a prenuptial before the wedding and Dane had scoffed at the suggestion, refusing to even draw one up.
    • The government refused to approve yesterday's civil union at City Hall because it said the couple had given ‘incorrect’ information during the prenuptial vetting process.
    • The wedding couples get head-to-toe prenuptial treatment and a special honeymoon package.
    • In Texas, unless you and your husband have signed a marital property agreement, like a prenuptial, all of your wages are classified as community property.
    • Thorough due diligence is required as part of the prenuptial process so that unforeseen skeletons in closets are discovered before, not after, marriage.
    • Of course, their road to wedded bliss has been blocked with minor annoyances - criticisms of the May-December romance, prenuptial madness, new babies, etc.
    • The courts are also likely to be influenced by another English judgment relating to prenuptial contracts.
    • One, who was 74 years old, had had a routine prenuptial test in the United States.
    • For some brides, prenuptial nightmares are a normal part of the wedding preparation.
    • Abdullah said prenuptial courses given by the government's Islamic Development Department provide enough good advice to last a lifetime.
    • The wrangling over the contract details - the couple took two years after announcing their engagement to hammer out their prenuptial - will probably turn out to be worthwhile.
    • The accusations could involve prenuptial relations, bridal pregnancy, adultery and severe maltreatment of wives and husbands also.