Translation of preoccupation in Spanish:


preocupación, n.

Pronunciation /prɪˌɒkjʊˈpeɪʃ(ə)n//ˌpriɑkjəˈpeɪʃ(ə)n/


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    • 1.1(concern)

      preocupación feminine
      my main preoccupation was not to offend my parents mi mayor preocupación era no ofender a mis padres
      • she is only concerned with her own private preoccupations no piensa nada más que en sus propias preocupaciones
      • Creative people need to be encouraged to think far more about their audience's needs, and far less about their own preoccupations.
      • In conversation, Miller seems fully attentive to the present and its preoccupations.
      • Paolozzi shares many of the Surrealists' preoccupations, in particular an interest in the power of dolls and mannequins.
      • The main issues discussed in the volume reflect the preoccupations of the fields of business and economic history.
      • As public life is emptied out and loses direction, private and personal preoccupations are projected into the public sphere.
      • Man Listening To Disc and Marginalia are creepily accurate portrayals of aspects of my two main preoccupations.
      • Melburnians tend to have two main preoccupations, the two S's: sport and Sydney.
      • Such preoccupations are bound to be bad for you, aren't they?
      • These themes show the preoccupations of both virus writers and those they are targeting with their malicious code, Cluley reckons.
      • Much more interesting is the fact that Larkin waited so confidently for his methods and preoccupations to come into focus.
      • Not the least of the nation's preoccupations in the present situation concerns the demonisation of the particular communities.
      • This time, his stated preoccupations are impossible to ignore.
      • The same range of topics and preoccupations fueled discussion on the other side of the Atlantic.
      • It is, in other words, a text that reflects the preoccupations and worldview of its subject.
      • I talked to a group of lads involved with the project, who in exchange for anonymity talked frankly about their preoccupations.

    • 1.2(obsession)

      obsesión feminine
      preoccupation with sth
      • she was criticized for her preoccupation with work la criticaron por pensar demasiado en el trabajo
      • his excessive preoccupation with hygiene su manía / su obsesión con la higiene
      • I'm quite conscious that preoccupation with the past can also be a way of absolving oneself of present obligations.
      • Sometimes I find this preoccupation with what's happening now really frustrating.
      • The saving grace of the past few days has been my preoccupation with a new geeky toy, a DVD recorder.
      • The contemporary preoccupation with self is not so much a reflection of the moral decadence of our age as a pitiful search for identity.
      • The real escalation is in our narcissistic preoccupation with ourselves.
      • I asked some moments ago what connection you see between the conciseness of your poems and their preoccupation with pain.
      • Despite this preoccupation with finding evil, they are able to recognize the good in anyone or anything.
      • The writer himself was well aware of the divided critical opinion about his work and his endless preoccupation with the darker side of life.
      • Given the current preoccupation with the risks associated with driving, these proposals come as little surprise.
      • There is both an institutional and individual preoccupation with measurement of performance.
      • Even so, he is surprised to have survived so long in such a demanding position, given the modern preoccupation with hiring and firing.
      • It seems likely that the writer's preoccupation with chances missed and stories lost has this absence at its heart.
      • What Chaterji found disconcerting was the time consuming preoccupation with technology.
      • Moreover, Lyly's preoccupation with mistaken identity may have influenced Shakespeare.
      • The state's increasing preoccupation with how we raise our children risks penalising the poorest parents
      • The renewed preoccupation with design is understandable, given a little history.

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    (absorbed state of mind)
    preocupación feminine