Translation of preparatory school in Spanish:

preparatory school

colegio secundario privado, n.



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    (in US)
    colegio secundario privado
    • Others have a different structure - there are, for example, senior schools, junior schools and preparatory schools.
    • The preparatory school claims to bring to the country an international concept in education.
    • To win this prestigious competition, the Low Bentham-based school had to beat the top 64 preparatory schools in the country.
    • The preparatory school, which accepts day girls and boys from the age of three, has many special features that it is unusual to find available to younger pupils.
    • The preparatory school caters for girls and boys aged three to 11 after which pupils move up to the senior school.
    • The preparatory school, which teaches boys and girls aged from three to 11 years, was founded in 1915 at numbers 45 and 47 Hatherley Road, almost next door to its present site.
    • If they attend international preparatory schools they can obtain intensive training in German as a second language.
    • At the end of our road, we have a private preparatory school.
    • It is illogical that parents who spend tens of thousands of dollars per term to have their children attend preparatory schools should stop contributing at the secondary stage.
    • Learners from outlying regions were accommodated in hostels for five days to facilitate participation in the preparatory school.
    • After receiving language training in Beijing for six months the boy will attend a preparatory school in Germany for one year.
    • The preparatory school for children aged seven to 13, which attracts boarders from all over the North of England, began taking younger day pupils five years ago, and demand has grown.
    • School 1, a private preparatory school with some boarding pupils, had extensive facilities and 9.0 hours a week of physical education in the curriculum.
    • He is, he says, slightly dyslexic, which first became apparent when as an eight-year-old he went to a boarding preparatory school.
    • After half a century in the ownership of one family, an independent preparatory school is being taken over by parents and friends, writes Education Reporter Jane Brown.
    • Pupils at a Ribble Valley preparatory school spent the day clowning around during the European Day of Languages.
    • Brian was therefore sent to a preparatory school on the south coast as a boarder.
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    (in UK)
    colegio primario privado

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    • En EEUU los preparatory schools son colegios secundarios donde se les proporciona a los alumnos un régimen especial de enseñanza preuniversitaria. En Gran Bretaña, es un colegio privado, también llamado prep school, para alumnos de edades comprendidas entre siete y trece años. Algunos tienen régimen de internado y otros no, pero la mayoría son una mezcla de ambos. Normalmente no es un colegio mixto. Gran parte de los alumnos pasa, a continuación, a un colegio privado public school