Translation of prepay in Spanish:


pagar por adelantado, v.

Pronunciation /priˈpeɪ//priːˈpeɪ/

transitive verb

  • 1

    pagar por adelantado
    • After prepaying part of the business loan and setting aside funds for capital reserves, cash patronage refunds were distributed at the first annual meeting.
    • There's no penalty for prepaying your loans, but extending the repayment period gives you the option of making smaller payments when money is tight.
    • Regional terminals in the Corn Belt quit taking orders for prepay ammonia in mid-December.
    • There's no penalty for prepaying your student loans, so you can shorten your loan term by making extra payments.
    • The prepay phone is a mass-market model and does not normally sit comfortably with a company whose culture is centered on differentiation.
    • The survey found that 45% of adult prepay customers could save money by switching to a contract.
    • It is on the simplest prepay tariff, which I use because I do not know how long I am going to be in Britain and I do not wish to commit myself to a fixed term contract.
    • However, analysts say heavy promotions and free prepay cards and handsets are destroying value in the sector.
    • Under these agreements the wholesaler prepays products and fuel sold through the on-reserve store.
    • Drivers could be required to prepay traffic fees, either online or at street-level vending machines.
    • Yes, there is some portion of the travelling population that pays a cash fare every day and it is desirable for these people to instead use some prepay method in order to save time and resources.
    • You may choose any amount between $5 and $35, and prepay the number of months you desire.
    • Like America, we are prepaying the expected costs of a demographic bulge in retirement.
    • The state of Florida has the longest operating prepay program.
    • Employers prepay for spaces in designated centres.