Translation of prepossessing in Spanish:


atractivo, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌpripəˈzɛsɪŋ//priːpəˈzɛsɪŋ/



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    • While not physically prepossessing and perhaps less obviously glamorous than her contemporaries, she is aging beautifully, and it is a pleasure to see her work.
    • She is neither particularly prepossessing in her appearance nor outwardly warm, as even David admits remembering his first acquaintance with her.
    • The impressive group of works which forms the core of the exhibition is accompanied by others less prepossessing and of sometimes doubtful relevance.
    • I said, trying to score a point: ‘A pair of broken glass is hardly a prepossessing sight, they must have put it away.’
    • He is physically prepossessing, with a ‘massive build’ simmering with ‘tremendous, dormant strength’.
    • Gap-toothed, bold in face, and of a ruddy complexion, the Wife was no longer prepossessing in appearance, if she ever had been.
    • He took a quiet sip, his wide, prepossessing brown eyes scanning Carnon's swiftly and sharply.
    • Flightless, fangless, clawless, slow, and weak, he isn't physically prepossessing.
    • Not very prepossessing to look at but this hard, round hairy ball is so versatile you will never look at it the same way again after reading this column.
    • I've just looked at the pictures of the fish, and it looks even less prepossessing than it did in the flesh, so to speak.
    • Adams had never been a physically prepossessing man, even in his prime.
    • She was young, but attractive and quite prepossessing.
    • He wasn't a very prepossessing sight: his neck barely seemed capable of supporting the weight of his head and his legs curved around in a small ball underneath him.
    • Utterly naïve and anachronistic it may be, but it's no less prepossessing and pretty for that.
    • In that portrait, now in the Louvre, Chardin looks more conventionally prepossessing: debonair, benign and smiling all over his face.
    • He's ditched the Mother Bates outfit for jeans and a crewneck body-hugging sweater, but at over six feet of coiled spring intensity, he is still extremely prepossessing.