Translation of preposterous in Spanish:


absurdo, adj.

Pronunciation /prəˈpɑst(ə)rəs//prɪˈpɒst(ə)rəs/


  • 1

    don't be preposterous! ¡no digas ridiculeces!
    • what a preposterous idea! ¡qué ridiculez!
    • The only reason the idea seems so preposterous is because we refuse to live like them.
    • Various reasons had been given, all of them preposterous, he said.
    • Some may consider it all irresistibly smart, rather than merely preposterous and precocious in equal measure.
    • Because we so value liberty, most Americans would find this view utterly preposterous.
    • Even a sensible idea or a fine principle is exaggerated to the point that it becomes preposterous and untenable.
    • So preposterous seemed the suggestion, a stifled laugh was as much as I could offer by way of a response.
    • It uses preposterous science fiction to delve into deeper human emotions than the usual fluff with which we are served each spring.
    • Claims that the club is attempting to make ‘a fast buck’ are simply preposterous.
    • Among the other preposterous suggestions was the idea of building a structure a mile high.
    • It's an indulgent fantasy, saved by Chow's precise comic timing and the preposterous action sequences.
    • I believe these authorities to be wasting your time and taxes on this utterly preposterous project.
    • I don't know about you, but I happen to think that this defense is preposterous.
    • It is extraordinary that such self-evidently preposterous claims can be taken seriously by anybody.
    • Their position is so utterly preposterous it could be construed as libel.
    • Those three people couldn't have acted in a more absurd and preposterous manner if they had been real actors in a real theatre.
    • It is surely preposterous that modern civilisation as we know it would not only collapse but also leave no reliable account of its fate.
    • My list of possibilities, like anyone else's, is utterly preposterous.
    • The notion that any club is owed a living by its league is utterly arrogant and preposterous.