Translation of prerequisite in Spanish:


requisito esencial, n.

Pronunciation /priˈrɛkwəzət//priːˈrɛkwɪzɪt/


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    requisito esencial masculine
    condición sine qua non feminine
    dedication is a prerequisite for success la dedicación es una condición sine qua non para triunfar
    • She also has one of the essential prerequisites for the role - a big set of lungs.
    • The decision-making process must comply with these prerequisites to result in a decisive policy.
    • Admission will require a bachelor's degree in another field and science prerequisites.
    • These tests are the necessary economic prerequisites for membership of a successful currency union.
    • In some instances there may be certain prerequisites that must be accomplished prior to submitting an entry.
    • However, those nations must be prepared and there are prerequisites necessary to realizing this potential.
    • The program might be full or the student may not have the necessary prerequisites.
    • Yet, one of the basic prerequisites for management is to know both the limits of the organization and of oneself.
    • There simply did not exist within Russia the objective economic prerequisites for so radical a transformation.
    • He is trying to stabilize the situation and to create prerequisites for the continuation of the democratic process.
    • Major issues appear to be the number of credits required, courses offered, and prerequisites.
    • A secure job and a reliable partner who is also good parent material are considered essential prerequisites.
    • The arguments for demanding formalities or other prerequisites to create contractual relations where none existed before are strong.
    • These requirements are sometimes referred as functional prerequisites.
    • Such experiments require at least two prerequisites.
    • All three prerequisites must coincide for an injunction to be appropriate.
    • There are certain parameters and prerequisites that must be followed and met before the humor can even begin to work.
    • These basic prerequisites for conducting high quality research into complementary medicine would not have been in place several years ago.
    • He strongly feels that songs and dances are the essential prerequisites of any Hindi film.



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    (condition) sine qua non
    she lacks the prerequisite qualifications no reúne los requisitos esenciales
    • He didn't allow the man to have his prerequisite two cups of coffee after waking up.
    • This will happen on occasion but only after you have reached a prerequisite level.
    • All the prerequisite formalities were smoothly dealt with and battle was joined!
    • I thought how many would actually go through with it if this was the prerequisite event.
    • Her voice is adequate, if not remarkable, and all the prerequisite beats are in place.
    • These agencies already have the prerequisite technical and executional skills.
    • This was always the prerequisite act before a fight: you push your hat forward.
    • I'm not sure that Andrew, who doesn't have the prerequisite surname at the end of his name, is actually a real person.
    • Pupils then will have the prerequisite experiences to write the same kind of poem.
    • A handful of states require prerequisite contact hours or extensive work histories.