Translation of prerogative in Spanish:


prerrogativa, n.

Pronunciation /prəˈrɑɡədɪv//prɪˈrɒɡətɪv/


  • 1

    prerrogativa feminine
    prerogative of mercy derecho de gracia masculine
    • I've changed my mind — that's your prerogative he cambiado de opinión — estás en todo tu derecho
    • Leisure, they insisted, should remain the prerogative of the rich.
    • Luxury goods and activities which had been almost exclusively the prerogatives of the court and the very rich became available to anyone who could pay for them.
    • That is entirely within Dr Smith's prerogative, and no one else's.
    • The birthright is the prerogative of the eldest son.
    • The difference was that these middle-class Peruvians did not lose any prerogatives or privileges.
    • No longer the prerogative of middle class matrons or ladies who lunch, a fabulous range of facilities is right here in Glasgow.
    • Changing a future child's genetic makeup, and experimenting with the genetic legacy of humanity, fall outside any acceptable notion of individual rights or parental prerogatives.
    • It is not the Chair's prerogative to determine the declaration of a vote.
    • In India, the study of Sanskrit was denied to many segments of the Hindu population, as it was deemed to be a prerogative of only the privileged caste.
    • The investment was heralded far and wide, and this Malaysian-based group was given privileges and prerogatives, including labour exemptions, apparently as part of the incentives for them to set up shop here.
    • Previously, of course, literacy had been the exclusive prerogative of the clergy.
    • The selection of candidates is a jealously guarded prerogative of the constituencies.
    • As Mill put it, it is the right and prerogative of each person, once they have reached the maturity of their years, to interpret for themselves the meaning and value of their experiences.
    • With the usual prerogative of the wealthy classes, he tended to choose doctors with a reputation for having studied some topics in greater detail than usual.
    • It's easier, probably a lot less risky, and takes full advantage of the prerogatives of office.
    • For in societies greatly marked by class prerogatives, style itself tends to become a competitive implement, as a privileged group may cultivate style to advertise its privileges and perpetuate them.
    • Collecting, however, is not the prerogative of the rich.
    • First, liberty is the prerogative of citizens, and a large majority of the population will not possess citizenship.
    • The honey seems extraordinarily expensive, but then sweetness was a prerogative of the rich until the eighteenth century.
    • But this is, after all, an executive prerogative.
  • 2

    (exclusive property)
    patrimonio exclusivo masculine
    • While admiration of the moon is a distinctive women's activity in a garden setting, this was not purely a female prerogative.
    • In contrast, the elegantly cultivated beard was long the prerogative of royalty and the privileged classes.