Translation of presently in Spanish:


en este momento, adv.

Pronunciation /ˈprɛz(ə)ntli//ˈprɛz(ə)ntli/


  • 1

    en este momento
    we are presently discussing the matter en este momento / actualmente estamos discutiendo el problema
    • The commissioner said presently it was not possible to conduct surgeries in these hospitals.
    • Helen's presently packing her bags for a trip home to England for the holidays.
    • The town is presently prosperous, bustling and busy - let's keep it that way.
    • It is the highest honour the Council can award, and is an honorary title presently held by only a handful of individuals.
    • In all my years I have never, ever, seen the roads within our urban area in as poor a state as they presently are.
    • That is why the council is presently consulting with all interested parties about what people want from a new building.
    • It presently has room for 70 pupils and will have about 120 children on the site.
    • He is presently writing new material, and is in a Dublin studio this week to record his first single.
    • Steve Finn, a seasoned television director, is presently working on his feature debut.
    • Problems, in fact, are many with traffic congestion presently leading the list.
    • One full time teacher is employed and there are 11 students presently on the course.
    • Speed restrictions are presently in place and customers also experience a bumpy ride over this section of track.
    • Storage space for such a quantity of oil is presently lacking, and new facilities may need to be built.
    • The need for these efforts arises because of the age of some of the equipment presently in the playground.
    • Social Security systems in the Caribbean are presently faced with quite a challenge.
    • Mr Parrott said he hopes the new building will be open soon as presently the group has nowhere regular to meet.
    • Most of the directors are presently siding with Georgine in covering up the report.
  • 2

    I'll be with you presently enseguida / en un momento estoy contigo
    • presently, he started to come round pronto empezó a recobrar el conocimiento
    • I intend to deal in some greater detail with the decision of the Supreme Court presently.
    • The computer this is being typed on will presently be packed into its shipping box, stuck in a truck for several days, and then a garage for a month.
    • I was soon lost in my thoughts again, and presently fell asleep from sheer exhaustion.
    • Now that the design is about done, construction will begin presently.