Translation of preside in Spanish:


presidir, v.

Pronunciation /prɪˈzʌɪd//prəˈzaɪd/

intransitive verb

  • 1

    Mr Lane presided el señor Lane presidió la reunión (or sesión etc.)
    • mother always presided at the tea table mamá siempre ocupaba la cabecera de la mesa a la hora del té
    • to preside over sth
    • he presided over the meeting with tact presidió la reunión con tacto
    • his Government presided over one of the worst economic crises this century su gobierno fue responsable de una de las peores crisis económicas de este siglo
    • So far, unionists have refused to elect a deputy Lord Mayor so that Maskey, alone in the chair, will have to preside without respite throughout all council meetings.
    • The case will resume on October 7, exactly a year after the home run, with another judge presiding.
    • Each side - the plaintiff company and defendant government - gets to choose one of the three arbitrators who will hear the case, then they jointly select the third, who presides.
    • McManus and four other top administrators presided from chairs usually reserved for council members.
    • Frances Moran presides here, over a small round table in a room covered with charts, pictures and books.
    • The Farm Council will meet at Hotel Europe with Agriculture and Food Minister Joe Walsh presiding.
    • Tony Hargreaves, presiding, congratulated Simms on a glowing report by the probation service.
    • A High Court judge presides in all Central Criminal Court cases, and High Court judges already sit in Limerick three times a year, but only for civil cases.
    • Father Spellman, presiding, spoke to mourners of a great sadness in all our hearts today.
    • Three judges in black robes presided from a bench under the red-and-gold emblem of the People's Republic of China.
    • I spent nights lying in bed imagining I was presiding with Warren Burger or John Jay.
    • Prince Otto von Bismarck, chancellor of the German Empire, was presiding.
    • Many distinguished judges and barristers presided there.
    • A Protestant, a Catholic, and an Orthodox read from the Scriptures; Pope John has been dead for two years and Pope Paul VI presides and leads the common prayer.
    • A memorial Mass is scheduled this morning in St Peter's Square at 10.30 am with Sodano presiding.
    • Native Tanzanians preside in all positions in major religions.
    • At a dinner party given by the King at Balmoral in September 1936, Wallis was presiding as official hostess.
    • Equally disturbing to many, Parliament routed execution of these new laws through admiralty courts, where a judge would preside unhampered by either jurors or public spectators.
    • And, of course, the vice president presides as the president of the Senate, and casts the tie-breaking vote when there are ties between the two parties.
    • After a hectic day of bickering and money-making, the gang reverently enters an elaborate boardroom where Trump presides.