Translation of press agent in Spanish:

press agent

encargado de prensa, n.


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    encargado de prensa masculine
    encargada de prensa feminine
    • I'm a lawyer, not a press agent, and I have never claimed to be an expert at media spin.
    • I never work with press people, because I have no personal press agent, no manager, no agent, no lawyer, no assistant, or anything like that.
    • Answered his press agent: ‘Mr. Edward does not respond to criticism.’
    • All the other movies in the category are just fantastic, or so my press agent has told me to say, and I'm happy just to have received the honour of being nominated!
    • I have never met Mrs. Rich, because her famous press agent, Bobby Zarem, doesn't like me, and so I never got invited to any of her parties.
    • His press agent says that Geller is dismayed over a cartoon character he says resembles him.
    • Thanks to his press agent though, the general populace saw him as a kindly, Santa Claus like figure, which was just about as far from the truth as one could get.
    • November is coming up and the movie is coming out so I think he's probably looking for a press agent right now.
    • His press agent has claimed that Gere was walking past an archaeological site in Venezuela when he tripped and fell on the skeleton.
    • Well, I can tell you that during our second interview, after she had had quite a lot of champagne, the phone rang and the press agent went and answered it.
    • A press agent with a camera was trying to get closer, but uniformed officers pushed him back.
    • But the promoters happened to have the boxing press agent of all time selling the fight.
    • A Hollywood press agent couldn't have arranged it any better.
    • He was a press agent so I wanted to be a press agent.
    • I still haven't forgiven him, but got my revenge several years later when his press agent called and asked if I'd do an interview with him.
    • The studio engages a veteran press agent in an attempt to avoid a financial disaster.
    • Known in Atlanta as Mr. Anonymous, Woodruff hired a press agent to keep his name out of the papers.
    • The person who sold this item for $810 says they obtained it at a flea market in Paris in 1982 and that they had it authenticated at the time by Merrick's former press agent, Harvey Sabinson.
    • The smart New Yorker is a press agent who believes he is good at what he does, and everybody around him seems to believe that too.
    • Seems like the fellow needs a press agent or something.