Translation of pressure cooker in Spanish:

pressure cooker

olla a presión, n.


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    olla a presión feminine
    olla exprés feminine Spain
    olla presto feminine Mexico
    • The dhal can be cooked in a pressure cooker as well.
    • In a pressure cooker, foods actually cook three to ten times faster than ordinary cooking methods.
    • Cooking them with kombu and using a pressure cooker will make them more digestible.
    • The sweet milk utilizes the tin container as a ready-made pressure cooker for caramelizing.
    • I sometimes make use of my Tower pressure cooker, which cuts the cooking time dramatically.
    • Place the peeled, diced pumpkin, potatoes and carrots in a saucepan or pressure cooker, add the cooked onions and the chicken stock.
    • Steam for about 10 minutes till the iddiappam is cooked (a pressure cooker can be used without the weight).
    • To kill all spores food must be heated to 121°C for three minutes, which is possible only in a pressure cooker or a commercial autoclave.
    • In the pressure cooker over high heat, I heated olive oil and sautéed the cut-up onion and garlic.
    • And when yellow split dal (moong dal) is cooked in the pressure cooker for three whistles and allowed to cool on its own, will not the dal become too gooey?
    • Other Gaviotas inventions have included: biogas generators, a solar pressure cooker and a solar kettle.
    • This resulted in the first ‘stew’ coming out of the pressure cooker as one massive suet pudding that was perfectly cylindrical and stood about a foot high on the plate.
    • Dasho Kado says, ‘Put everything in a pressure cooker with the chilies and salt on top and cook for a good long time.’
    • Dig out that pressure cooker or a slow cooker, and get in a stew.
    • Cook the breadfruit and potatoes in a pressure cooker with a pinch of turmeric powder and salt.
    • While some people may prefer using a pressure cooker for beans and other long-cooking recipes, it's hard to beat the convenience of a pot that you can leave unattended.
    • This recipe also works well in a pressure cooker.
    • Mum had emailed me some of her favourite recipes and a couple required a pressure cooker, so out I trotted one morning to Allders to acquire one.
    • Extract the pulp out of the bilimbi after cooking in a pressure cooker.
    • Use it as a pressure cooker, crispy popcorn maker, steamer, rice cooker or to make hot ‘n’ soft idlis.