Translation of pressure group in Spanish:

pressure group

grupo de presión, n.


  • 1

    grupo de presión masculine
    • Instead he founded the Union of Democratic Control, a pressure group which advocated a negotiated peace and a League of Nations.
    • What stops a pressure group from generating multiple suits?
    • Fourth, a pressure group may speed up legislation by writing bills and helping legislators make progressive agreements.
    • A different option is to become earnest and join a political party or a pressure group.
    • We do believe in behaving like a government and not simply like a pressure group.
    • Greenpeace insist that they are an environmental pressure group.
    • I think that they found it very difficult to go from a pressure group to a political party.
    • It will be little more than a pressure group on the existing major parties.
    • Some people want it only to be a pressure group that will redirect the ANC back to its ‘true path’.
    • That's the difference between being a pressure group and a valid political party.
    • They will continue to remain as a pressure group from the outside and keep their autonomy and independence.
    • When a political party becomes a pressure group it loses its credibility.
    • The deadline for objections was August 19 and the pressure group continued to gather support until that date.
    • Now, a new pressure group of business and political leaders from throughout the north west has been set up to lobby for extra funds.
    • The council decided to write to the governors of the school and will later consider forming a pressure group to push to get the pool open.
    • In accepting the position last June, he took on the leadership of a venerable pressure group with 57,000 members.
    • Even the pressure group who have lobbied so hard against the plan now seem to accept that time and options have run out.
    • Well I certainly respect their impartiality; I don't see a council as a pressure group.
    • We will continue to be a pressure group, a permanent opposition.
    • If successful in this area, a pressure group might end up helping to shape future government initiatives.