Translation of pressure hull in Spanish:

pressure hull

casco presurizado, n.


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    casco presurizado masculine
    • It will have a three-man crew, and the pressure hull has two hatches - one to transfer people from the stricken submarine and the other to allow access to a decompression area.
    • The pressure hull was going to crack sooner or later.
    • All other openings in the submarine's pressure hull have been sealed, presumably during the salvage attempts, so this is the only opportunity to go inside the wreck.
    • The object of an anti-submarine (A/S) weapon was to pierce or rupture a submarine's pressure hull and let the submariner's worst enemy - the sea itself - make the kill.
    • The pressure hull of the 667B submarine consists of ten compartments.
    • The Virginia class does not have a periscope that penetrates the pressure hull but relies on digital cameras connected to the control room via fibre optic cables.
    • No damage was reported to her pressure hull or reactor system, although two crew members were slightly injured - one with a broken nose and the other with a back strain.
    • The torpedo's tubes are wrecked, and if they'd been so badly damaged as to crack the pressure hull (which they penetrate), the situation would have been dire.
    • Still 8m off the 42m seabed, we finned over the deck gratings above the pressure hull.
    • These were outside the pressure hull and could not be reloaded underwater.
    • The outer hull has gone, leaving the pressure hull on view.
    • Most of the wooden decking had been lost over time to expose the machinery that is fixed onto the pressure hull under the decking.
    • Additionally an escape hatch in the forward and after compartments of the pressure hull were fitted, an innovation which saved many lives during the war.
    • The passenger section of the pressure hull is a 1.85m transparent acrylic sphere, offering the prospect of a spectacular all-round view.
    • Presumably the pressure hull had held, more or less.
    • The Type 214 will have an increased diving depth of over 400m, due to improvements in the pressure hull materials.
    • As with other Russian submarines, the Oscar features a double hull, comprising an inner pressure hull and an outer hydrodynamic hull.
    • The use of high-tensile steels has reduced the weight of the pressure hull, allowing a larger load of fuel and ammunition.
    • Here you will find the remains of the pressure hull of the first U-boat, with other fair-sized pieces of wreckage close by.
    • Nuclear submarine HMS Trafalgar grounded off the Isle of Skye in November last year, damaging equipment on the hull but leaving her pressure hull and reactor system unharmed.