Translation of pressure point in Spanish:

pressure point

punto de presión, n.


  • 1

    (of vein, artery)
    punto de presión masculine
    • I grasped my arm tightly where the pressure point was, to stop the bleeding because if I had died there and then, I wouldn't have been able to go on my journey.
    • These small, fluid-filled sacs lubricate and cushion pressure points between your bones and the tendons and muscles near your joints.
    • It feels like I have several hearts, each beating at a pressure point.
    • A buildup of excess skin over pressure points on bones.
  • 2

    (of body)
    punto doloroso masculine
    • Care is taken to pad and protect all pressure points and maintain proper body alignment.
    • The classical Ju-jutsu man is crushing the calf muscle and attacking a nerve pressure point midway down the lower leg.
    • This concentrates all the force of a punch into that one knuckle & allows for very precise pressure point attacks.
    • He pressed the pressure point on both of their necks that made them knock out.
    • He came at me once again, I was ready, and I blocked his strike to my arm, and responded with an overhead strike to the pressure point above his shoulder.
    • In addition, certain very dangerous pressure point attacks, such as gouging the throat or eyes, are illegal in grappling competition due to safety concerns.
    • There was this one time, I asked him to do a pressure point on my arm and my hand went totally numb!
    • There were a lot of pressure point strikes, at places like under the nose, the throat, under the armpits, the solar plexus, and the groin.
    • She knew every pressure point and it would have taken her only seconds to reach one, but if that failed then she really had to hurt him.
    • It was a pressure point, and the man was unconscious immediately.
    • Then she struck with rapid fluidity, the twin points of the wooden sticks applying a concentration of power to the pressure point at the nape of Crylin's neck.
    • He wrapped his chain around the guy's neck and snapped it around on one pressure point, knocking him out.
    • The hand at the nape of her neck flexed and run down the long column, the hand at her hip was near bruising and she could feel a pressure point of pain at her back where wood would leave it's mark.
    • Lights are too bright, noises are too loud, your skin is not only too tight but much too thin, every pressure point on your body hurts, and so does your entire skull.
    • I used my knowledge of a certain pressure point on his body to cripple him and then totally defeat him.
    • Then Calida kicked him in the back of his knees and hit him in his pressure point at the back of his neck, putting him out cold.
    • That particular pressure point made their fingers spasm.
    • His fingers pressed to the pressure point on Craig's neck and he yelped in spite of himself.
    • He slammed her up against the wall and dug his knee into her thigh, hitting a pressure point.
    • His fingers searched the back of the man's neck briefly until he found the pressure point; he dug his thumb into it, and the man fell, unconscious, to the ground.
    • She wrenched out of his grasp, and hit a pressure point, knocking him unconscious when he went to grab her again.
    • Anticipating what'll happen next, I grab the person's gun with one hand and squeeze the nearest pressure point with the other.
    • She shoved it in her pocket, letting it rest, a hard little pressure point on her hip.
    • Then I got this indescribable pain under my arms, like there was a pressure point being pressed.
  • 3

    (of disturbances)
    foco central masculine