Translation of pressure vessel in Spanish:

pressure vessel

recipiente a presión, n.


  • 1

    (of boiler)
    recipiente a presión masculine
    • Digesters are tanks or pressure vessels ranging in height from 25-50 ft and in diameter from 8-12 ft.
    • Their employer was the John Pickle Company, a manufacturer of oil pipelines and pressure vessels on the desolate western limits of town.
    • Although a number of pressure vessels have been described in the literature, which are specifically designed for the use on microscope stages, none is suitable for single molecule detection.
    • Despite the miniature volcano seething inside the pressure vessel, the laboratory is a quiet place for a talk.
    • A pressure vessel inside the toilet tank uses the water supply to compress air.
    • In this case, the pressure is applied by means of a hot inert gas in a pressure vessel.
    • Brittle failures in tanks, pressure vessels, pipelines, and bridges have been documented as far back as the year 1886.
    • Thus the disc acts as a thick-walled pressure vessel.
    • A heavy steel cylinder could have been a pressure vessel; considering the circumstances of the wrecking, it was unlikely to be a torpedo!
    • The internal dimensions of the cylindrical pressure vessel were 25 mm in diameter and 20 mm in height, with wet filter paper inside the vessel to maintain it at 100% RH.
    • For example, spacecraft, aircraft, and submarines have sealed pressure vessels that operate in hazardous environments.
    • State investigators said the head blew off a nine-foot pressure vessel after workers had loosened a few of the bolts on the head in preparation for cleaning.
    • This type of steel is used for submarines, aerospace applications, and pressure vessels, and is normally available as plate.
    • The annulus can be considered as a thickwalled pressure vessel containing the nucleus.
    • All alterations must comply with the section of code to which the original boiler or pressure vessel was constructed.
    • At the publication of the standard, Canadian requirements stated there was no national regulation dealing with pressure vessels.
    • The main pressure vessel of the test rig is 17.5 metres long and weighs 12 tons.
    • It allows engineers to do real-time calculations such as beam design, column design, spring design, pressure vessels, interference fits, spring mass systems, and so forth.
    • Typical applications include cooking utensils, pressure vessels, and building products (siding, gutters and so on).
    • The material combination of high strength, good toughness, and weldability should prompt designers to specify it for welded pressure vessels for the storage of cryogens.
  • 2

    (in nuclear reactor)
    vasija del reactor feminine
    • The fracture toughness of A533 Grade B Class 1 steel has been studied extensively for nuclear reactor pressure vessels.
    • When the inspection was carried out, an area of corrosion the size of a pineapple was found on the reactor's pressure vessel head.
    • But at Three Mile Island, the pressure vessel did not fail (which would have allowed the core to fall into the containment structure), even though it was not designed to withstand the heat the accident generated.
    • This type of fatigue failure must be considered in the design of nuclear pressure vessels, steam turbines, and most other types of power machinery.
    • The pressure vessel for nuclear reactors is crucial equipment for the second-phase power projects at Qinshan Nuclear Power Plant.
    • It's used to avoid defects in nuclear reactor pressure vessels or it may be on an aircraft to avoid catastrophic failure of an air structure.