Translation of prestigious in Spanish:


prestigioso, adj.

Pronunciation /prɛˈstɪdʒəs//prɛˈstidʒəs//prɛˈstɪdʒəs/


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    • It seemed that another prestigious name was set to become part of history.
    • This was the first time the prestigious event has ever been held in Northern Ireland.
    • He is set to take on the most prestigious daily newspaper job in Scotland.
    • It also plans to exhibit the poster at various other prestigious places in the country.
    • I wish him the very best of luck as he takes up one of the most prestigious positions in Irish sport.
    • The report from a prestigious international agency is another valuable propaganda tool.
    • A pair of teachers have won their way through to the national finals of a prestigious awards ceremony.
    • We hope that this will be the first of many such prestigious awards for this fine young athlete.
    • It is the first time ever that the winner of this prestigious race was trained in the Kingdom.
    • It will be broadcast in the prestigious Masterpiece Theatre slot from Sunday.
    • For some it was a massive publicity coup for the county town to host such a prestigious event.
    • Two brave bobbies have been honoured for their courage at a prestigious award ceremony in London.
    • The group also acquired two prestigious watering holes among a dozen pubs and hotels earlier this year.
    • Just a few short months ago I was thrilled to be awarded a column in a prestigious newspaper.
    • We should be proud that our public servants are favourites for several prestigious awards this year.
    • It is the view of many that prestigious galleries should be in high profile city centre establishments.
    • Dog groomers from Keighley had reason to smile when they scooped two first prizes at a prestigious event.
    • The house itself is located in one of the most prestigious housing estates in the county.
    • The success of these schools can be attributed to the prestigious status accorded to Spanish.
    • Boston is home to one of the most prestigious regattas that North America has to offer.