Translation of presume in Spanish:


suponer, v.

Pronunciation /prɪˈzjuːm//prəˈz(j)um/

transitive verb

  • 1

    I presume you know why I'm asking supongo / me imagino que sabe por qué lo pregunto
    • I presume so supongo / me imagino que sí
    • missing, presumed dead desaparecido, dado por muerto
    • a defendant is presumed innocent until proved guilty un acusado es inocente hasta que se demuestre lo contrario
    • Mr Vidal, I presume? usted debe (de) ser el señor Vidal
    • Ninety per cent of the world's pelagic species of fish are already missing, presumed dead.
    • In a shorter-duration study, most of those missing individuals would have been presumed dead.
    • They conclusively presume that the ‘neocons’ are always lying anyway.
    • A lot of people probably presumed that I couldn't have kids.
    • He says, I do not understand English very well but he presumes that probably may be the reason.
    • We presumed that the dog had probably come from a haulage lorry, or a contractor working in the area.
    • At the time, I had presumed that everything had gone the way it was supposed to.
    • He nodded a little with a look that I presumed was supposed to imply something along the lines of ‘hook up.’
    • He hasn't been a danger to the community in that time, and I presume the judge believes he isn't likely to be.
    • And they are presumed to be dead, but we hope that that's not the case, but that is our working assumption right now.
    • His father had died many years previously, and although he never spoke of his mother, I presumed that she was dead too.
    • He then presumes that we believe that ‘all newly diagnosed hypertensive patients would benefit from ambulatory blood pressure monitoring.’
    • He also said the missing American is presumed dead.
    • For now, judges seem to presume that everyone is relatively good at voice recognition, better, in fact, than the research suggests is possible.
    • The hostages presumed that the others were dead.
    • Anyway, even if my client gets the information to me a month before the trial, I don't think I'm supposed to presume my client is lying.
    • Both novels focus on missing persons who are presumed dead.
    • If you don't return you will be presumed dead, and your people sent away.
    • The roll-call of the missing presumed dead is the tragic emblem of such atrocities, and it is no surprise that the fate of one woman in particular has caused much comment.
    • Also, two Germans are missing; they are presumed dead.
  • 2

    to presume to + inf atreverse a + inf
    • I would never presume to question your authority jamás me atrevería a poner en duda su autoridad
    • I just think it is arrogant of such folk that they can presume to make judgements on behalf of other people.
    • The first of the improvements I presumed to demand was more care over spelling (in the face of some truly wild examples).
    • In the absence of express instructions, I believe that it would be inappropriate for the solicitor to presume to have implied instructions in such circumstances.
    • This bumptious charlatan then presumes to lecture others on issues of morality and governance.
    • Others have already commented on the irony of the head of an organisation which conspired to cover up child sex abuse presuming to lecture the rest of us on morality.
    • Participation is redefined as discussion in the virtual world of ‘big’ issues presumed to be beyond anybody's control.
    • If the present path is blocked, no-one should arrogantly presume to predict a certain way forward.
    • I cannot presume to have the arrogance to tell someone how they should go about finding the balances in their own lives.
    • The suggestion that it is arrogant to presume to make such decisions is false in at least some cases, including those where the disability is disastrous.
    • The final section ranges from a narrative about an artist's educational trip through Africa to projects that presume to address issues of race.
    • The answer seems simple enough: he did not presume to know the advocates' goals.
    • Would it not end up trivialising and over-simplifying human issues that the narrative was presuming to metaphor?
    • These are so essential to our nature as a species that no legitimate government has the right to abridge them, or even presume to grant them.
    • Don't presume to know enough about their culture to be able to say ‘oh, it's so wonderful, don't change’.
    • That characterization epitomizes the arrogance and condescension of anyone who would presume to understand and speak for all of us.
    • I would never presume to dictate issues of style and form to you, dear sir.
    • The draft reflects a similar innocence about how the media operate, while presuming to call shots and issue admonitions and injunctions in an often condescending way.
    • We do not presume to be important enough to have our own city.
    • This vision of justice suggests that one should feed the hungry, clothe the naked, and house the homeless without presuming to ask whether they are deserving.
    • After more than two centuries of American jurisprudence and millennia of human experience, a few judges and local authorities are presuming to change the most fundamental institution of civilization.

intransitive verb

  • 1

    I have already presumed on/upon your generosity quite enough ya he abusado bastante de su generosidad
    • if I may presume, I believe that … si me lo permite, creo que …