Translation of presumption in Spanish:


atrevimiento, n.

Pronunciation /prəˈzəm(p)ʃ(ə)n//prɪˈzʌm(p)ʃ(ə)n/


  • 1

    atrevimiento masculine
    osadía feminine
    audacia feminine
    it was pure presumption on his part fue un atrevimiento / una osadía de su parte
    • the presumption of the man! ¡qué atrevimiento!
    • I assume my reputation for arrogant presumption precedes me, so I'll be anything but brief.
    • Which will probably teach me something about arrogance and presumption.
    • Your arrogance, presumption, and ego come through very clearly in this message.
    • Those kids worked to get where they are, remember, and modern educational theory won't stand for that sort of upstart presumption.
    • I find fault with this presumption; it disrespects the chasm.
    • An article here sums up pretty well my own response to such outrageous presumption.
    • A breathtaking and galling presumption - after all that we have gone through this last decade or so.
    • It would have been the height of arrogance, presumption, everything my mother specifically taught me not to do.
    • I can't convince people there is a God and I really have no desire to, except in moments of arrogant presumption that somehow my knowledge is better than that of others.
    • That is arrogant presumption to insist that some authors and works deserve to be declared meritorious as a matter of fairness.
    • Even in this day and age, presumption and self-importance have their limits!
    • It is one thing to seek to excuse Machiavelli's cynicism and cruelty on the grounds that he was a man of his time - a victim as well as an architect of Renaissance arrogance and presumption.
    • Of all the arrogant presumption, to look down at someone who had suffered and achieved as he had…
  • 2

    suposición feminine
    presunción feminine
    the presumption is that one of them was a spy se supone que uno de ellos era espía
    • presumption of innocence presunción de inocencia
    • It is as if it has no real value outside the ‘original context’ and that is a very false presumption.
    • Now there's a very strong presumption that they must get a sentence for public protection, which is in fact life.
    • The presumption is that everyone who is required to appear before a tribunal has their costs paid by the state, whether there is a finding against them or not.
    • Apparently the act of binding the baby tightly to itself in strips of fabric is reassuring for babies, although the evidence for this seems to lie more in presumption than science.
    • Knowing the difference between assumption and deduction, and between presumption and proof, can alter one's outlook and transform an electorate.
    • My own personal presumption is innocence until proven guilty.
    • In London a spokesman for the Lord Chancellor's office said family law cases in England and Wales were generally heard in camera, although there was no presumption that they had to be.
    • Both have said they are making no presumption about whether he is guilty or innocent - but are concerned he has been held for so long with no charge.
    • The presumption must be that anyone charged with a crime is innocent until proven guilty.
    • The presumption that everyone in Brisbane follows the Broncos is nonsense… and the number of Bulldogs fans at Lang Park last Sunday surely confirm that.
    • In the view of the Greens, that presumption cannot be justified.