Translation of presumptuous in Spanish:


impertinente, adj.

Pronunciation /prəˈzəm(p)(t)ʃ(u)əs//prɪˈzʌm(p)tʃʊəs/


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    I don't mean to be presumptuous, but … no quiero ser impertinente pero …
    • it would be presumptuous of me to suggest anything sería una impertinencia de mi parte hacer ninguna sugerencia
    • It's the voice of the Nanny State at its lecturing, presumptuous, arrogant, illogical and whiny worst.
    • It's all rather presumptuous to offer your opinion when you don't really know the person very well.
    • I guess I'm not presumptuous enough to declare how it turned out for me.
    • Beware of a thankless and presumptuous person who expects too much from you without contributing himself in any way.
    • Well, I don't to be presumptuous, but I assume it was anticipated there would be this type of focus.
    • Being the presumptuous boy he was, he thought he would be coming inside my house.
    • And I'm presumptuous enough to assume that people might actually take the time to misunderstand me.
    • It was presumptuous to the point of being arrogant, and it can be fairly said that it has left a very sour taste all round.
    • Of course, ultimately, all music is a commodity, but this idea of being told what music will suit your mood is a bit… presumptuous.
    • It is presumptuous and oppressive to suggest that other cultures want the liberties we take for granted, their argument runs.
    • It was presumptuous of a mere administrator to parade in public talking about the coming era of molecular medicine.
    • That was a phenomenal mistake and his own presumptuous arrogance led to his downfall.
    • It was a nice idea but always a tad presumptuous.
    • I want to think people are kind and generous and helpful, not spiteful, rude, presumptuous and threatening.
    • Not that I am presumptuous enough to compare myself to them of course, but that is the price you pay for free speech, apparently.
    • I think it would be presumptuous to offer a guarantee, but what I can say to you is that it is absolutely at the heart of our thinking.
    • She acts sweet, kind and nice on the outside, but inside she's as rude and presumptuous as I am.
    • I fear that I was presumptuous enough to tell him that he did not seem to have the central point quite right.
    • I was so presumptuous as simply to indicate that without even giving you the courtesy of asking you.
    • Call this presumptuous arrogance or call it faith in our selves.