Translation of preterite in Spanish:


pretérito, adj.


Pronunciation /ˈprɛdərət//ˈprɛt(ə)rɪt/


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    (form/tense) pretérito
    • I'm not asking that you be able to name the preterit, imperfect, and subjunctive forms of the verb ‘to be.’
    • While listening to her teacher ramble about the preterit tense, Margaret felt a sharp pain at her side.
    • So now look at this sentence, with the preterite form could.
    • The form knew is the preterite tense form of know.
    • But what we do in English is shift the subordinate clause verb into preterite inflection (had blue eyes instead of has blue eyes) as if to respect the choice of tense in the main clause.
    • In Tables 4 and 5, the present and preterite paradigms of the indicative mood of the strong verb bindan (to bind) and of the weak verb heran (to hear) are set out for comparison.


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    pretérito masculine