Translation of pretzel in Spanish:


galleta salada, n.

Pronunciation /ˈprɛtsəl//ˈprɛts(ə)l/


  • 1

    (gen en forma de 8) galleta salada feminine
    • Once they got through the masses of people, the hotdog and pretzel vendors, and the people-infested stores, it was cool.
    • A while later, she came back with their drinks as well as pretzels that nobody wanted.
    • Here's a quick guide to the chip and pretzel aisles of your supermarket.
    • And I can't think of any better vehicle for crunchy grains of coarse salt than pretzels.
    • The girls are both daintily dipping their pretzel sticks in their water before taking bites.
    • Should they add hard pretzels and pretzel sticks to their repertoire?
    • I don't understand why the people who make pretzels think that they have to put salt on my pretzels for me.
    • Aside from chips, which are properly considered members of the grease family, salt is present in many baked goods such as pretzels.
    • Eat salty pretzels and salted bagels before a race.
    • The plain, salted pretzels weren't ready, but ones stuffed with either cheese or apple cinnamon were available.