Translation of prevention in Spanish:


prevención, n.

Pronunciation /prəˈvɛn(t)ʃ(ə)n//prɪˈvɛnʃn/


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    prevención feminine
    crime prevention la prevención de la delincuencia
    • The more people who know about causes and prevention of this condition, the better their future will be.
    • They urge linking with education departments on decay prevention in schools.
    • He expressed his views on the issue at a workshop on suicide prevention in the city the other day.
    • He said police would be working in the community this month to highlight issues such as crime prevention.
    • Regular eyelid hygiene is the most important part of treatment and prevention of blepharitis.
    • The money is used for pioneering research into cancer to improve prevention and treatment and to find a cure.
    • She said that it was up to the community to take a greater role in crime prevention.
    • They have dumbed-down the debate on prevention and stifled the debate on causes.
    • Here again we are faced with a situation where prevention is preferred to treatment.
    • Money raised will go towards research into prevention, treatment and cure of heart disease.
    • All the efforts in society have to be in suicide prevention and in reducing the rate of suicide.
    • Benefits advice, help with language skills, and accident prevention is also offered.
    • The NHS was criticised for not making the treatment and prevention of obesity a top priority.
    • He too believes the money would be better spent on prevention of disease.
    • Every fire has a cause and most often there is a common sense, simple method of prevention.
    • One study did not report outcomes separately for treatment and prevention and so we included all women.
    • You can help your father get more information on heart disease and its prevention.
    • Even the recommendation for prevention of fracture is based on weak evidence.
    • She said officers would have advised the owners on what crime prevention measures they could take.
    • We call upon the world to acknowledge that you cannot talk about prevention without treatment.