Translation of preventive in Spanish:


preventivo, adj.

Pronunciation: /prɪˈvɛntɪv//prəˈvɛn(t)ɪv/


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    (action/measure) preventivo
    preventive medicine medicina preventiva feminine
    • Until recently there were only two kinds of medical activity: preventive and curative.
    • He took his discharge there and worked in a mission hospital, an experience that led him to take up preventive medicine.
    • Wider community education is required as a primary preventive measure.
    • Health authorities initiated preventive measures to prevent infectious diseases, if any.
    • The one area of food writing that remained substantially the same was that concerned with books addressing diet as preventive.
    • However, the efficacy of preventive therapy in this group has not been demonstrated.
    • There are some important preventive measures that can be done to avoid a recurrent stroke.
    • Active tuberculosis must be excluded before beginning preventive therapy.
    • Are we sure that the balance sheet of preventive activity really offers more good than harm?
    • He had a varied and successful career in public health, where a particular interest was preventive medicine.
    • Since you have already been tested, ask your neurologist about preventive medication.
    • In some countries, junior students provided preventive health care directly to underserved populations.
    • We are entering a new era in preventive medicine, which focuses on diet as a means to health.
    • Soldiers must take preventive measures and be trained to detect signs of illness in colleagues.
    • Once errors are recognised their causes must be analysed so that preventive measures can be applied.
    • Lord Justice May said the police were entitled to take preventive measures to avoid breaches of the peace.
    • However, there have been no clinical trials of preventive therapy in HIV positive children.
    • The effect of preventive measures on the incidence of ankle sprains.
    • As family physicians, we're supposed to be experts in the area of preventive medicine.
    • You will not become addicted to preventive medicines for asthma, even if you use them for many years.


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    medida preventiva feminine
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    fármaco que protege contra una enfermedad