Translation of preventive in Spanish:


preventivo, adj.

Pronunciation /prəˈvɛn(t)ɪv//prɪˈvɛntɪv/


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    (action/measure) preventivo
    preventive medicine medicina preventiva feminine
    • He took his discharge there and worked in a mission hospital, an experience that led him to take up preventive medicine.
    • You will not become addicted to preventive medicines for asthma, even if you use them for many years.
    • Since you have already been tested, ask your neurologist about preventive medication.
    • In some countries, junior students provided preventive health care directly to underserved populations.
    • However, there have been no clinical trials of preventive therapy in HIV positive children.
    • Once errors are recognised their causes must be analysed so that preventive measures can be applied.
    • Soldiers must take preventive measures and be trained to detect signs of illness in colleagues.
    • The one area of food writing that remained substantially the same was that concerned with books addressing diet as preventive.
    • Until recently there were only two kinds of medical activity: preventive and curative.
    • The effect of preventive measures on the incidence of ankle sprains.
    • Are we sure that the balance sheet of preventive activity really offers more good than harm?
    • However, the efficacy of preventive therapy in this group has not been demonstrated.
    • Active tuberculosis must be excluded before beginning preventive therapy.
    • Health authorities initiated preventive measures to prevent infectious diseases, if any.
    • We are entering a new era in preventive medicine, which focuses on diet as a means to health.
    • Lord Justice May said the police were entitled to take preventive measures to avoid breaches of the peace.
    • Wider community education is required as a primary preventive measure.
    • As family physicians, we're supposed to be experts in the area of preventive medicine.
    • There are some important preventive measures that can be done to avoid a recurrent stroke.
    • He had a varied and successful career in public health, where a particular interest was preventive medicine.


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    medida preventiva feminine
    • In addition, these are all measures at the end of the line that need to be complemented by many more preventives.
    • However, these steels are sometimes subject to stress-corrosion or hydrogen stress cracking; then other preventives are needed, in addition to coatings.
    • Hence the antibiotic may be useful as a preventive as well as a treatment.
    • Eating garlic and plenty of vitamin C are useful anti-viral preventives.
    • For years, businesses have sold shark cartilage as a cancer cure or preventive.
    • But don't expect that to stop drug companies from hyping their cholesterol lowering products as preventives for breast cancer.
    • In fact, to be most effective, feverfew should be used on a regular basis as a preventive.
    • Drug analysis is a method that can be used both as a preventive and as an early detection tool.
    • Silicone greases are probably not effective preventives.
    • Considered a leading expert on flea control, Dryden says natural flea preventives, such as adding garlic to the pet's food or using the aromatic oils of cedar, lavender, mint and rosemary, are ineffective.
    • One dose can often bring instant relief, and you can take these herbs every day as a preventive.
    • And, he says, the most powerful preventives are on the shelves of your natural foods store.
    • Take half a cup of feverfew tea every hour at the first sign of migraine attack or tension, or one cup every morning as a preventive.
    • It is now available homeopathically and in various preparations as an asthma preventive.
    • The world's best nausea preventive, ginger also is useful in treating arthritis.
    • Now the cheapest drug in the pharmacy appears to be gaining ground as a major cancer preventive.
    • For a period of time, a lot of people took this as theoretically a heart disease preventive.
    • In addition, an aspirin a day may be an excellent preventive for those at risk of a heart attack.
    • Hop Sing had told him how effective they could be as a preventive against disease.
    • Of course a wedding is no guarantee one won't leave in the future, but it can be a preventive.
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    fármaco que protege contra una enfermedad