Translation of preview in Spanish:


preestreno, n.

Pronunciation /ˈpriˌvju//ˈpriːvjuː/


  • 1

    (advance showing)
    preestreno masculine
    her latest play is now in previews su última obra se ha estrenado para la crítica
    • a preview of next year's fashions un anticipo de la moda del año próximo
    • before noun preview performance función de preestreno
    • Latvians who escaped persecution in their occupied country and set up home in Bradford have been given a special preview of a moving exhibition.
    • For your information, the dates of the previews now begin March 31 with the opening day remaining May 12.
    • After the preview, the exhibition will move to the London Air Gallery for a week.
    • Anyone interested in having a preview of the exhibition on Tuesday or Wednesday prior to the opening may do so by arrangement with the gallery.
    • Since the first tickets went on sale a week ago, around 300,000 have already been sold, and many preview and opening week showings are already full up.
    • Last night I spent almost all the money I had left in the troll bank to see an advanced preview of the Harry Potter movie, less than a week after the world premier and a week ahead of general release in the UK.
    • If the exhibition preview is anything to go by, her vivid, shimmering canvases are certainly worth exploring.
    • He said after seeing a special preview of the exhibition: ‘It sent shivers down my spine.’
    • Nationwide ticket demand for weekend previews of the eagerly-awaited film were described as frantic by one cinema manager yesterday.
    • Advance previews include the opening night film, The School of Rock, starring Jack Black, the Sundance favourite, Pieces of April, and Argentinean heart-warmer Valentin.
    • Most members of the audience who saw a special preview of the film in Kochi on Tuesday came out of Sreedhar Theatre with the satisfaction of having seen a serious film.
    • The preview of the film held at Kerala Fine Arts Hall last week reflected this mood of celebration that the group had felt, with a few visuals from the shooting process being screened there.
    • Going into this preview, I didn't have high hopes for Shrek 2.
    • Soon after a preview of the film here on Tuesday, the actress found time to interact with the media.
    • But it was the very first public preview [of Amadeus] in London.
    • Early screenings suggested as much, or suggested trouble at least, as preview audiences found the film too dark and violent, all in all too un-Leo.
    • There he was at the movie's first preview in a Dallas shopping center far from any salt water.
    • On Thursday, at one end of the office there were several invitees to a film preview, while at another end, there was a stream of visitors wanting to register their names with the Association.
    • Next week Dean is offering a special sneak preview of the film with screening in Nimbin and Lismore.
    • Smiley attended a fundraising preview of the film before a professional racing crowd at the restaurant formerly owned by Seabiscuit jockey George Woolf.
  • 2

    trailer masculine
    avance masculine
    sinopsis feminine Southern Cone
    colas feminine Argentina
    • Finally there are two theatrical trailers for the film, a few previews for other Fox releases, and some DVD-ROM content.
    • Are you aware of Hollywood studios making previews and trailers of their big budget films available to cell phone users?
    • The only extra features included on The Harvest are some previews for other Columbia thriller/horror films.
    • The only extras on the disc are a trailer for Guns & Talks and a handful of previews for other live action ADV releases.
    • Finally, disc one contains a Humphrey Bogart trailer gallery with previews of 12 of his films - good stuff.
    • But there are interviews and a short making of featurette as well as previews of several titles in what is proving to be a great line of DVD's.
    • Extra features include three anime previews and four needless character profiles.
    • The original film easily made my Top 10 List of 2002, and the preview trailers had left me drooling like Pavlov's dog.
    • Many of the scenes had already been glimpsed in the excellent preview trailers.
    • The Man from Colorado is a barebones disc, featuring only a preview gallery of trailers that appear before the main menu.
    • We have the standard character gallery and anime previews.
    • The trailers and previews on this disc, as well as on most of their discs, are for the VHS releases.
    • The trailers and previews on this disc are for the VHS releases.
    • A funny two-minute Total Request Live spoof and some previews finish the bonus features.
    • I've just watched a seven-minute kind of preview of it.
    • Other than the Godzilla trailers, we get previews for various anime. Why do they think Godzilla fans automatically like anime?
    • Beyond these commentaries are a handful of deleted scenes that couldn't have saved the film, a trailer of the film, and previews of other Sony releases.
    • And, of course, eight trailers and previews for other entertainments from Mickey and Company, six of which will smack you over the head before you even get to the menu selections if you fail to opt out.
    • The only extras on the disc are the standard clean opening and closing animations, as well as some previews for other anime titles from ADV.
    • I hadn't seen any previews, read any publicity material, nor visited the IMDb to look at the entry.
  • 3

    anticipo masculine
    adelanto masculine
    • Come for a sneak preview on our initial findings!
    • As a sneak preview, I offer a song that has been up on my site for quite a while (and will remain on the site for the foreseeable future).
    • The party will also give the wartime buddies the opportunity to have a sneak preview of the Imperial War Museum North before it opens in July.
    • The highlight of the night was when the band stepped off stage to let us view a sneak preview of a documentary on the legendary band Cream, who is reforming for a series of concerts this year.
    • Friday's first snapshots amounted to a sneak preview.
    • Several leading designer brands gave a sneak preview of their upcoming collections in a show at the upscale IFC shopping mall in Central on Wednesday afternoon.
    • Montrealers get a sneak preview from Toronto choreographer Claudia Moore as she presents an excerpt from On Earth, a work that puts aspects of daily life on stage.
    • I've been listening to some fantastic new music from my favourite songwriter, a sneak preview of his new album, and so that has brightened my mood considerably.
    • Flaggy Lane production company could be heard rehearsing for their forthcoming epic production of Singing in the Rain as the guests at the launch were treated to a sneak preview.
    • Judging by the unbridled reaction to a sneak preview last Thursday night of the exciting new video and CD, Images of Carlow - it's sure to take the album charts by storm.

transitive verb

  • 1

    (see in advance)
    asistir al preestreno de
    • How excited I am to be able to preview one of my films in my home town - and for the first time I have turned down travel expenses!
    • They're using the free MP3s as promotion to allow the user to preview the music, essentially, and then they'll sell a CD.
    • I feel like I'm previewing a new play in Boston or Chicago.
    • All you have to do is register to be allowed to download the Hi-Resolution images, or you can browse freely by previewing the pictures.
    • It is free for you to submit an ad for a roommate and to preview room listings but the contact information for any available rooms WILL cost you.
    • Pressplay, an online service that enables consumers to preview individual songs as well as entire CDs, and then pay to download legal copies to their computers.
    • We have some wonderful photos (I know they are good because I can preview them on my camera) and some unforgettable memories.
    • While previewing a new manuscript from my friend Stephen Covey, I came across some terribly dispiriting figures from a Harris Poll of 23,000 full-time U.S. workers in key industries.
    • ‘When I was previewing the tapes, I had the visuals on, but had my eyes closed, listening to the levels…,’ says Nakagawa.
    • Images can be previewed on the sharp, 1.8-inch LCD display.
    • In addition, two out of twenty teachers mentioned previewing books before reading as an effective strategy.
    • Even US customs and drug enforcement agents previewing the film, set on the US-Mexican border, lauded it for showing their jobs as violent and difficult.
    • So I hope these work; I haven't had a chance to preview them.
    • I can also preview my posts before actually posting.
    • First I put on the DVD of ‘Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow,’ which I'd previewed the night before.
    • You can preview it here, and you can buy it at CD Baby or Amazon.
    • After previewing the film, I have only one piece of advice: see it.
  • 2

    (give foretaste of)
    this week's films are previewed on page 18 en la página 18 hay una reseña de las películas de esta semana
    • The Producers previews from Friday at the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane, WC2, and opens on November 9
    • Visconti's film was previewed in the spring of 1943 and quickly censored, not to be appreciated until after the war.
    • The new Civic is scheduled to be previewed in September and should be available to buy from January 2006.
    • Susan Dawson previews some of the products on show at Orgatec, the world's largest office furniture exhibition to be held in Cologne on 22-26 October.
    • From an animated gay short to a host of features, this month's film festival will preview lesbian and gay cinema 2000
    • Sundaribai's works are currently being previewed at the British Council Gallery in New Delhi up to May 10.
    • The Gallagher brothers will also be previewing some of their new material too.
    • The four parts of the cycle have, over the past two years, been previewed to Scottish audiences and praised for their mix of the fantastical and the contemporary.
    • The current show previews the diverse styles of six artists.
    • Gateway also previewed two products that the company will launch at Comdex, a Serial ATA JBOD device that provides storage up to 2 terabytes, as well as a Serial Attached Storage product.
    • The film is due to be previewed to those involved in its production, and association members, before being shown to townspeople and released to travel operators and film and television companies.
    • We believe that previewing the ad on the web is a great way of stimulating extra interest in the brand.
    • People didn't even want to have their films previewed on film because video was such a ‘debasement’ of their art.
    • A remarkable assemblage of work by ceramicist Patrick G. Hall previewing his new Bawn Dubh collection exclusively at Design at the Granary.
    • And on August 24 the Royal Museum will preview the new BBC film JLB, a documentary about Baird's life.
    • Featured releases will be displayed in branded endcap displays and previewed at listening posts throughout the stores.
    • Once editing was complete, the film was previewed for IFD and Nat Taylor.
    • Remember the short-lived hullabaloo sparked off by the Federal Trade Commission's report that film studios were previewing violent R-rated films to children?
    • In addition to previewing a final product, these pictures can also document changes to the course throughout the year.
    • The first film they previewed for me was Cinescape Editor-In-Chief Anthony C. Ferrante's feature film debut BOO!
    • Waight Keller's first collections, for autumn and winter 2006, were previewed at Milan fashion week in February.
    • Next year Vauxhall will have a new version of its Frontera, which is being previewed at Frankfurt.