Translation of previously in Spanish:


antes, adv.

Pronunciation /ˈpriviəsli//ˈpriːvɪəsli/


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    his wife had died five years previously su esposa había muerto cinco años antes
    • sentence adverb previously we'd always stayed at the Plaza antes / anteriormente siempre nos habíamos alojado en el Plaza
    • He has discovered a few previously unknown stars and made them into very good players.
    • Having a previously unknown twin sister sneak into the picture would cause anyone to act up.
    • She said she was planning a holiday before starting a year of previously arranged study leave.
    • Their results confirm the suspicion that it is a previously unknown coronavirus.
    • When a diagnosis is eventually reached, it is on the basis of a previously unknown mutation.
    • This already proved the world much older than had previously had been thought.
    • At best it can reveal creatures or habitats previously unknown within an area.
    • He had entered the Open five times previously, but failed to qualify every time.
    • Actually, if you had read the posts you commented on previously you should already know.
    • Lincoln Library is a vertitable god of libraries, not just because it was previously a church.
    • You spoke previously about feeling yourself answerable to certain figures of the past.
    • Windows has no memory of what was previously on screen before it was redrawn.
    • He had moved to New York about 3 months previously to do something with his film career.
    • In fact, she was a former bankrupt who had previously been charged with insurance fraud.
    • People here do not know what previously locked doors they can push open, but they are trying to find out.
    • She had been burgled before and had previously challenged at least one of her intruders.
    • It has happened before, of course, and previously even involved the teams in the top tier.
    • Caroline admits her training has opened her eyes to a world she was previously blind to.
    • What is being generated is largely a random sample of previously unknown archaeology.
    • The reason these new prophecies were previously unknown is that they never made the final cut.