Translation of price in Spanish:


precio, n.

Pronunciation /prʌɪs//praɪs/


  • 1

    Finance Business
    precio masculine
    (of stocks) cotización feminine
    (of stocks) precio masculine
    house prices have risen el precio de la vivienda ha aumentado
    • prices start at $99 desde 99 dólares
    • what price did you pay for it? ¿qué precio / cuánto pagaste por él?
    • I got a good price for the car vendí bien el coche
    • the two brands are the same price las dos marcas valen / cuestan lo mismo
    • two for the price of one dos al / por el precio de uno
    • at a price of £80 por 80 libras
    • we couldn't afford it at today's prices (tal y) como están hoy los precios no podríamos comprarlo
    • at half price a mitad de precio
    • accommodation is available, at / for a price es posible encontrar alojamiento, pero sale / cuesta caro
    • to go up/down in price subir/bajar de precio
    • I didn't even have the price of a beer no tenía ni para una cerveza
    • I couldn't put a price on it no sabría decir cuánto vale
    • to put a price on sb's head ponerle precio a la cabeza de algn
    • they still haven't named their price! todavía no han dicho cuánto quieren
    • I'll take the job, if the price is right aceptaré el trabajo si (me) pagan bien
    • we pay top prices for used cars pagamos los mejores precios por su coche usado
    • price cut rebaja en el precio
    • price earnings ratio PER relación precio/beneficio de una acción
    • price freeze congelación de precios
    • price increase subida de precio
    • price limit precio límite / tope
    • it's out of my price range cuesta más de lo que puedo pagar
    • a wide price range una amplia gama de precios
    • price rise subida de precios
    • prices and incomes policy política de ingresos y precios
  • 2

    (cost, sacrifice)
    precio masculine
    victory was won at a terrible price se pagó muy cara la victoria
    • at (what) a price! ¡a qué precio!
    • they want peace at any price quieren la paz cueste lo que cueste / a toda costa
    • not at any price! ¡de ningún modo!
    • what price peace? ¿va a ser posible lograr la paz?
    • what price the freedom of the press now? en cualquier momento se acaba también la libertad de prensa
    • to pay a/the price for sth pagar caro algo
    • there will be a high price to pay in the future lo pagaremos (/ pagarán etc. ) muy caro en el futuro
    • that's a small price to pay for independence bien vale la pena ese sacrificio para ser independiente
    • Crude oil prices have been steadily rising since the late 1990s.
    • We owe it to those who bore the burden and paid the price before us, and we also owe it to those who will come after us.
    • He didn't tell us that even after paying such a heavy price, success was far from assured.
    • France desperately needed to reduce the scale of her military commitments, and the crown was prepared to pay a heavy price to achieve this.
    • Perhaps the price of experience is that nothing seems strange any more.
    • Retailers expected the price to vary less as regular shipping of US beef is slated to start in mid May.
    • For the majority, however, signing away moral rights is likely to become the unwelcome price of doing business.
    • They are keen to pay the price of Wang's success, not only because he is a winner but because the sport needs him.
    • With foreign onions flooding the market, he cannot expect a fair price for his produce.
    • But it quickly became apparent that James has paid a high price for his success.
    • Crude oil prices have risen about 50 % since the start of the year (chart).
    • But for many moms, the downsides are a small price to pay for the increased time they get to spend at home.
    • But surely one year of disappointment is a small price to pay for the long-term future of York Wasps.
    • Mr Ellis said that with little prospect of a substantial rise in interest rates, house prices were expected to continue increasing.
    • Expect prices to range from crosstown cab fare to a few hundred bucks.
    • This could mean a significant amount of money, since diamond prices leap at certain popular sizes.
    • One pays a heavy price under contemporary conditions for clinging onto that sort of conception.
    • Curtailing innocent kids' rights to go where they've no business and are universally unwelcome is a small price to pay for some peace.
    • You must be willing to pay the price to pursue and to achieve your goal.
    • It may be a loose button or a caught thread, but these will take you time to repair and it means the item is not of the standard required by the purchase price.
    • Wallace often looks sheepish when admitting that his family has paid the price of his political success.
    • Yes, yes, yes, the road ahead may be a difficult one and the price to be paid may be high, they said.
    • Rising fuel prices are cutting into all incomes particularly for farmers.
    • In fact, market efficiency does not require prices to be equal to fair value all of the time.
    • Maynard says the sacrifices are a small price to pay for the rewards.
    • It's extremely strange to me that you could expect the same price in every market.
    • House prices are an important factor in the economy in Britain, where most families own their own homes.
    • He said there is a definite price drop in the price of three-bedroom semi-detached houses.
    • This wrenching experience may be bearable when it is the price to be paid for development.
    • He considered indignity a small price to pay if he could continue to provide for them.
    • Farmers are now expecting prices to lift by an equivalent amount.
    • The bank's share price also went up by 3.6 per cent to 1223 pence.
    • The best solution is a controlling body under the Government for ensuring a reasonable price for all agricultural produce.
    • That player may also pay a high price for success by destroying many other aspects to his life.
    • You pay a price, I'm sure, but the experiences and stories within you are endless.
    • Hotels reduce rates, airfare prices drop and vacation packages may be hundreds less.
    • And it will clarify how you'd even be willing to pay the price of pain to achieve it!
    • Wages and prices fall in money terms, but the nominal value of debt remains unchanged.
    • By law, all publicans are required to display their prices and can be fined for charging more than advertised.
    • They are expected to cut prices and accept lower profit margins.
  • 3literary

    precio masculine
    it's beyond / without price no tiene precio
    • one cannot put a price on freedom la libertad no tiene precio
    • she sets a high price on loyalty valora mucho la lealtad
    • Next was led the King's horse for that day, together with his son's; the King's saddle and furniture most richly beset with stones of great price and beauty.
    • The King, after a great many signs and tokens of grace and favour, took from his own neck a jewel of great price, with the picture of Philip, his father, on the one side, and his own on the other.

transitive verb

  • 1

    (fix price of)
    their products are reasonably/competitively priced sus productos tienen precios razonables/competitivos
    • it was originally priced at over $300 su precio original era de más de 300 dólares
    • they have priced themselves out of the market han subido tanto los precios que se han quedado sin compradores (/ clientes etc. )
    • she warned workers against pricing themselves out of a job advirtió a los trabajadores que no arriesgaran sus puestos exigiendo demasiado
  • 2

    (mark price on)
    ponerle el precio a
    all items must be clearly priced todos los artículos deben llevar el precio claramente indicado