Translation of priest in Spanish:


sacerdote, n.

Pronunciation /prist//priːst/


  • 1

    sacerdote masculine
    (parish priest) cura (párroco) masculine
    (parish priest) párroco masculine
    (in Orthodox Church) pope masculine
    • Ordained an Anglican priest, he did keep up with his era's intellectual currents.
    • Three members of the congregation at St James' Church in Devizes are to undergo training to become Anglican priests.
    • Around about age 13 I got the idea that I ought to be a priest in the Anglican church.
    • Roman Catholic priests lead mass and deliver the sacrament.
    • Coun Dodd is an Anglican priest who spent several years as a hospital chaplain at Castle Hill hospital near Hull.
    • In the Eastern Orthodox religion, priests are the primary religious authorities; they are permitted to marry.
    • Marriage may be conducted by a celebrant, a Church priest, or a vicar.
    • After leaving Perth he was a priest at the Anglican Church of St Augustine at Bulli in New South Wales.
    • The priests of the Roman Catholic Church are ordained men, accustomed to trust and honor in the communities they serve.
    • Within months, the masons had built a stone church and the priests had baptized the king and most of the nobility.
    • Classes were taught by the Jesuit priests and brothers and a few civilian instructors.
    • The priest blesses the couple, and they officially become husband and wife.
    • Catholic priests are the church leaders, with one serving several villages in a contiguous area.
    • To be ordained a priest in the Church, a person had to be able to read Syriac and learn the Syriac liturgy by heart.
    • Most important, the closings underscore what the much-discussed priest shortage really means.
    • Local priests hold religious services and perform baptisms, confirmations, weddings, and funerals.
    • Catholic priests and other ministers have taken vows of poverty or vowed to live meekly.
    • Because of the strong influence of the Catholic Church, priests are the most important religious practitioners at the local level.
    • They were delighted to have me for Mass in their little church as the parish priest visited only every three months.
    • Catholic priests or Protestant ministers can be most stimulating in such a discussion.