Translation of prima ballerina in Spanish:

prima ballerina

primera bailarina, n.

Pronunciation /ˌprimə ˌbæləˈrinə//ˌpriːmə baləˈriːnə/


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    primera bailarina feminine
    • Whenever disaster strikes the poor prima ballerina, she hangs up her dancing shoes in despair until some devastatingly handsome boy shows her that she was made to dance.
    • The great prima ballerina Galina Ulanova described Swan Lake as ‘the most beautiful ballet you could imagine.’
    • Sulamith Messerer became a prima ballerina with the Bolshoi Ballet at the age of 20 when she volunteered, without rehearsal, to stand in for the injured Ekaterina Geltser as Kitri in Don Quixote.
    • The young woman knew that all eyes were on her, well, all these that weren't still watching the prima ballerina of the Cleveland ballet.
    • The Fairy Godmother's solo was also splendidly graceful, and thus Cinderella did not appear to be the sole prima ballerina in this piece.
    • Sassy dreams of becoming a prima ballerina but as her dance classmates tell her, her large feet and long legs stand in the way of her dreams.
    • In Act II, the prima ballerina plays Odette, a beautiful swan that can only return to her human form between midnight and dawn.
    • It is a very effective and dramatic work, originally written to be danced to by the prima ballerina of the Berlin opera.
    • I was a prima ballerina for the classical bits - you should have seen my Sheherazade - but my heart belonged to the musicals.
    • The major key to success for productions of the time was that the principal character - to be played by the prima ballerina - had to be the most fragile female creature with the feeblest action.
    • The former prima ballerina of the National Ballet is markedly older than the other four dancers, all clustered in their early 20s.
    • In a company that avoids the star system, she has become something of an unofficial prima ballerina: not only a superb and effortless technician, but an actress of exceptional subtlety and range.
    • She received her initial training in Berlin from Alexandra Nicolaieva, a former prima ballerina of the Bolshoi Ballet.
    • Because of her build, Mrs. Noah advised Megan to give up the idea of becoming a prima ballerina like Katie wanted to be.
    • Moscow's Bolshoi Theatre sacked a prima ballerina, saying she was too heavy and too tall for most of her dance partners to lift.
    • Apart from Swan Lake and Giselle, there is no other ballet that so unmercifully lays bare the academic technique of a company, from the prima ballerina down to the newest member of the corps de ballet.
    • The prima ballerina played her to perfection and it was wonderful.
    • The prima ballerina's starting a ruckus about the way she's treated and there's a nervous male dancer, with what appears to be a kind of stage-dad figure in tow, badgering the company director to get him principal roles.
    • Karen Kain, Canada's prima ballerina and one of the most respected dancers in the world, gave over 10,000 performances in her career.
    • ‘Conditioning will not make you a prima ballerina unless you're meant to be one, but it will maximize your body's potential,’ she says.