Translation of primeval in Spanish:


primigenio, adj.

(British primaeval)

Pronunciation /praɪˈmivəl//prʌɪˈmiːv(ə)l/


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    • Tramping through the primeval swamp, you re not thinking of ancient seas or planetary evolution.
    • This was told in several impressive episodes, from primeval Britons through Romans, Saxons and Stuarts.
    • Eckels is hurtled back to a primeval jungle to bag the biggest of game, the Tyrannosaurus rex, with the added charge that he must not disturb any other part of the natural world, lest he upset the delicate time-space continuum.
    • This is life in a swamp, a primeval wet forest from which the great diversity of Australia's modern fauna sprung.
    • They left the past behind, in Africa, the Amazon, and elsewhere - primeval places, filled with primeval peoples at different stages in the evolution of civilization.
    • A Taoist Holyland for 1,600 years, Sanqing Nountain is known for its many grotesque rocks, waterfalls and lush primeval forest set in a sea of clouds and mist.
    • As the sun sets over Kanha, the forest reverts to its primeval magic.
    • Any scientific hypothesis on the origin of the world, such as that of the primeval atom from which the whole of the physical world derived, leaves open the problem concerning the beginning of the Universe.
    • In the depth of the forest the primeval stillness was a bit awesome until a family of wild piglets moved in and started to root reassuringly through the chestnuts at my feet.
    • The Ancient Gods moved across the face of the primeval waters, and from their union and council came the shapers of the universal Mei, who, both together and alone, began the shape of what was to come.
    • Genesis 12 marks a shift from primeval history to the stories of the patriarchs.
    • Body armour is one of the few consistently continuing threads which link the modern warrior not only with his primeval ancestor but also with warriors throughout the history of mankind.
    • Exposed by a recent forest fire, the primeval topography of these Catalan Vineyard terraces has a potent grandeur shaped by both the forces of nature and the hand of human intervention.
    • Decent folk who'd left behind the corrupt world - always somewhere to the east - came to a land of primeval beauty and promise and set about turning a little chunk of it into a nice, prosperous garden.
    • Indeed, the modern fascination with exotic, primeval creatures had its origins deep within the fossil collections of the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries, many of which were gathered in Britain by clergymen.
    • The natural, primeval clock is the sun, by whose light we see to perform our daily tasks.
    • I imagined the Tasmanian tiger stopping here en route from one primeval forest valley to another.
    • Fresh from a hot shower and a good night's sleep under white sheets, she now strides a few yards into a primeval world - the rich cacophony of a thriving tropical forest.
    • The downs are a great mass of chalk resulting from some primeval upheaval which give the northern half of the county its distinctive rounded look, with great hump-backed hills like Martinsell near Oare, Milk Hill and Tan Hill.
    • They look so ancient and their seed pods often look primeval, but they turn out to be one of the more recent species around - still speciating, said the eucalyptologist.