Translation of prince in Spanish:


príncipe, n.

Pronunciation /prɪns//prɪns/


  • 1

    príncipe masculine
    the Prince of Wales el Príncipe de Gales
    • prince consort príncipe consorte
    • prince regent príncipe regente
    • prince royal título conferido al hijo mayor de un monarca británico
    • the Prince of Peace el Príncipe de la paz
    • the Prince of Darkness el ángel de las tinieblas
    • Is that so bad if Rual wants to read about elegant princes saving beautiful princess from danger?
    • For a second her mind broke free of the constraints of logic, imagining playful pixies and marauding dragons; captured princesses and vengeful princes.
    • Stories of angels, princes and princesses of far-away lands and fairy tales would certainly carry off children to a new world, where their imagination could take on wings.
    • In a moment of fancy, I leaned forward to gently kiss her on the lips, much like the prince reviving Princess Aurora from enchanted slumber.
    • Oral folktales often expressed the hopes and aspirations of a peasant class where paupers became princes and virtuous girls princesses.
    • It was intimidating being in the presence of princes and princesses, even though they ranged from Sasha's seventeen to Alois' fifty-nine.
    • As the ungainly child of an unlucky shoemaker and an illiterate washerwoman in the Danish city of Odense, he dreamed of being a famous actor and made up little plays about princes and princesses.
    • Four of the park's 10 staff mermaids perform at each show in the spring's chilly waters, along with a male swimmer who plays the prince in the story.
    • This was once the place of royal summer retreat, and there is a wealth of stories about the kings, queens, princes and princesses who spent time here.
    • I was anticipating a marvelous story with a princess waiting for her prince in her royal castle.
    • By the middle of the century, many kings, princes, bishops, and nobles had clearly become reluctant to ‘represent’, act out, their status and grandeur.
    • There are the kings and queens, princes and princesses, dukes and duchesses, and barons.
    • Shades of yellow that included brown were the prerogative of the princes and princesses.
    • We have been primed for it from the very beginning with fairy tales, princes and princesses falling in love at first sight and, mysteriously, living happily ever after.
    • Uneasy relations between the prince and his father lasted until Henry IV's death in 1413.
    • Once upon a time, India's princes and princesses lived in the kind of wealth you would only find in fairy tales.
    • Ugly sisters and wicked stepmothers, handsome princes and beautiful princesses are all culprits in making some children grow up with low self-esteem, say the US academics.
    • The play also deals with Galileo's tutoring of princes, and touches lightly on his familial relations, most especially on his relations with his friend, the future Pope Urban VIII.
    • Perhaps there should be a rule that princes only become monarch if there are no princesses, and that all Governors General be female?
    • What will all these little princes and princesses be like in their teenage years, if they get used to absolute, undivided attention from everyone when they're three and a half?