Translation of princess in Spanish:


princesa, n.

Pronunciation /ˈprɪnsəs//ˈprɪnˌsɛs//prɪnˈsɛs/


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    princesa feminine
    • One of these ladies was Pharaoh's daughter, a princess!
    • He tried to remain calm, but it was hard to do when he was holding within him the secret of a lifetime, that he was in love with her daughter, a princess.
    • Deputy President Jacob Zuma is engaged to a Swaziland princess, the daughter of Prince Phiwokwakhe Dlamini, his office announced on Saturday.
    • Henriette Amazo was a princess, the only daughter of a powerful king - his youngest child.
    • We have been primed for it from the very beginning with fairy tales, princes and princesses falling in love at first sight and, mysteriously, living happily ever after.
    • The Pharaoh followed by the main queens, Nefertari, and Istnofret, followed by the Crown Prince Merenptah then came the princesses and the remaining princes.
    • He gave him Meritaten, the oldest princess, as a wife and even crowed him a co-regent.
    • The grounds contain the remains of Elsynge Hall, one of Henry VIII's many hunting lodges and a favourite childhood residence of the young princess Elizabeth.
    • So, being the king had no other blood relatives, Redoth decided he was going to marry the princess.
    • Stories of angels, princes and princesses of far-away lands and fairy tales would certainly carry off children to a new world, where their imagination could take on wings.
    • The first and most likely possibility is that Pharaoh's daughter remained a princess.
    • Her name is R'jas un Z'kovn Sy'yski and she is the Muse princess, daughter of Prince Noyus and next in line for the throne.
    • As the crowd parts the King of Arms entourage enters the foyer leading the king and his daughter, the princess, to the stage.
    • The second row was occupied by the sultan's unmarried daughters, the princesses Nurmalitasari, Nurkamnari Dewi, Nurabra Juwita and Nurastuti Wijareni.
    • Kylie was the perfect daughter, the perfect princess.
    • Additional estates were granted to the empress dowager, the heir apparent, imperial princesses, imperial in-laws, and members of the merit aristocracy.
    • Perhaps there should be a rule that princes only become monarch if there are no princesses, and that all Governors General be female?
    • If she had a mind to forgive him, it vanished as she spied him in the company of the Trojan princess Cassandra, daughter of Priam.
    • So the king asked the soldier which of the princesses he would choose for his wife; and he answered, ‘I am not very young, so I will have the eldest.’
    • She was the princess of Argos, daughter of King Acrisus.