Translation of print in Spanish:


letra, n.

Pronunciation /prɪnt//prɪnt/


  • 1

    • 1.1Printing

      letra feminine
      in large print en letra grande / en caracteres grandes
      • the fine print (US) or (esp British) small print la letra chica
      • There on the front pages, in elegant print, appeared the words Omnipedia, First Edition, Shadow Mountain.
      • The small print at the bottom of the page said it was printed in 1930.
      • But wait… what are those letters in tiny print alongside?
      • It was an entire page of tiny black print with a little red line on it and an arrow telling me to sign it.
      • The newspapers are at it also - today's headlines are the same size print as the actual full stories used to be.
      • In small print at the bottom, it said ' persons over 35 will not be considered '.
      • The one concession to modernity is a notice at the bottom of the page which says that items in bold print are organic and certified by the Soil Association.
      • We read in black letter print this morning that it will be August, and that tells me that the party is still in trouble and is still without any particular leadership.
      • Her gray eyes picked out a sign announcing ‘ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICES’ in bold print.
      • I also sell books for adaptation in large print and audio books.
      • The book's overall dimensions, font size, and uses of bold print make it very user friendly.
      • It was that sort of website that has tiny print all the way down the page, and nothing but one picture, and the rest words.
      • Part of the O'Brien Panda series, these books have lots of images, large print and simple text, designed to engage beginner readers.
      • She produced the piece of paper to which the notice had been attached, and which now bore the word ‘Declined’ in bold print, with a signature below.
      • He had never been one to read for any long amount of time, and the childish style and chicken scratch print was already beginning to bother him.
      • New technical terms are presented in the text in bold-faced print and the definitions of these terms are conveniently located at the bottom of each page.
      • Its ad for the day has the main headline of ‘1.8GHz’ in large bold print.
      • Except for the cover letter, the rest of the papers were in tiny print.
      • These checklists have some items in bold print.
      • She opened her book and began to read its tiny print.

    • 1.2(text, image)

      a page of print una página impresa
      • acres of print have been devoted to the subject han corrido ríos de tinta sobre el tema
      • the medium of print la letra impresa
      • he's just gone into print acaban de publicarle una obra
      • before noun print union sindicato de tipógrafos
      • print worker tipógrafa
      • If you are dedicated to making sure women's views and perspectives get into print and keeping media in the hands of women, this is the place for you.
      • For eight years, investigative reporter Len Levitt fought to get his disclosures about an unsolved murder into print.
      • Of course, it would be a mistake to assume, from this evidence, that if you just persevere long enough you are bound to get into print eventually; you might end up by getting nowhere.
      • Never underestimate sincerity, or any sincere author with an ability to write, and get into print.
      • Some of the pieces eventually made their way into print - or at least the ideas behind them did.
      • You keep writing a different version of the story, eventually they will get into print.
      • My long, long wait to get into print is bound to make me a little envious, isn't it?
      • So, when I find a book which comes from one of the well-known firms which publish more or less anything for an author who is keen to get into print, the first thing I want to know is, Can the guy write?
      • In other words, how did these accusations get into print in the first place?
      • The main target group was, after all, mostly younger scholars who were very keen to get into print and whom one wanted to give a stake in the success of the field.
      • Indeed, critical readers might suspect that the vanity press outlet was the only way these articles could get into print.
      • In the 1640s everyone had something to say about the way the world was going and everyone who was literate wanted to get into print.
      • I don't doubt that the Times reporters get up in the morning and, as I do, look to see whether a favorite rumor has made it into print or on the air.
      • It was not easy for young poets to get into print at that time.
      • The first English translation to get into print was by William Tyndale, an admirer of Luther.
      • Thanks for being an important voice and for printing people who can't get into print in other places.
      • Someone ought to be very embarrassed about letting this get into print.
      • Would-be authors suffering a constant stream of rejection slips will be able to find out how to get into print next month.
      • So what you do does get into print somewhere and people can look at that, and editors of medical journals have a responsibility of making sure that that's been through an Ethics Committee.

  • 2

    • 2.1Printing Art

      grabado masculine
      • It includes paintings, sculpture, prints and photography, which give us a window through which we can steal a look at these largely forgotten people.
      • Ultimately, Pieter Bruegel's paintings and prints were the weightiest works deriving from the idiom.
      • For example, if the rug is floral, add framed prints or flowers in similar colors.
      • The framed pictures could have been prints, paintings, or both, and may well have included Downman's own portrait.
      • While the vast majority of the works in the show are watercolors, there are also four oil paintings and four prints.
      • Among the items on view are paintings, drawings, prints, posters, sculptures, zinc silhouettes and ephemera.
      • Her paintings and prints show a modern instead of an idealized picture of women.
      • Apart from paintings her work included prints and designs for stained glass and tapestries.
      • More recently, their prints derive from etchings, engravings and stencils, as well.
      • For something more subtle, you can find navy and white wall paper in every pattern from toile to floral prints to a checkerboard design.
      • He was selling an Ohara School folio of woodblock prints of Ikebana floral designs, circa 1910.
      • The artist will be on hand to dedicate his new suite and show his latest paintings, sculpture and prints.
      • The only decorations were, I think, watercolours, or some kind of coloured prints of flowers.
      • I am in a room that is wall-papered with a floral print.
      • Its people and landscape became the favorite motif of his prints and paintings.
      • The forty-nine works on view include paintings, prints, sculptures, drawings, watercolors, and photographs.
      • The current exhibition brings together more than 300 paintings, drawings, prints, watercolors and sculptures.
      • A subsequent print from an original block authorized by the artist is called a late edition.
      • The large original painting is to hang in the Bury FC boardroom, however, a number of high quality prints will be produced for sale to supporters.
      • But it is not known if the blocks for these prints had been made of wood or of other materials.

    • 2.2Photography Cinema

      copia feminine
      • Most of the works in the show were prints made from collodion negatives.
      • This machine could simultaneously ‘write’ photographic images to a compact disc, while making prints from a regular negative.
      • A week from today, the American Cinematheque in Hollywood is screening a print of the movie, 1776.
      • The film print used was nearly free of speckles or nicks; only a very few were detectable.
      • On Saturday, I bought two prints of beautiful black-and-white photographs.
      • Don't miss your opportunity to see these films in brand new prints on a big screen.
      • There is some slight grain to the film, but the print has aged well, apart from a little shimmer in a few scenes.
      • With this in mind, several of the printer companies have come out with printers that do prints on decent photographic paper.
      • For sharp prints good contact between the negative and sensitized paper is critical.
      • When making a print from a negative, parts of the paper are exposed more or less than the rest to hold details in highlights or pull detail from shadows.
      • He began by making both the negatives and the albumen-coated prints but soon turned the latter task over to professional printers.
      • Even if I hop in the car and take a film down to the nearest 1-hour lab it'll be the best part of a day before I'm back at my desk working with the prints and negatives.
      • But I am told that the studio sent out almost 5000 prints of the films.
      • Marked by a distinctive black edging to the prints, Paul's film output was distinguished particularly by trick films and news films.
      • Several of us took down her mailing address and will be sending her prints of the photographs that we took.
      • The public can leaf through albums of prints made from these negatives and order copy prints at the MHS Photograph Archives.
      • I have made a couple of colour prints of pics I had taken of my car some years ago when the dashboard leather had not yet faded.
      • Let's talk widescreen: the transfer is from a pristine print of the film and is pretty near reference quality.
      • A slight flicker is evident from time to time, and there are numerous small scratches in both the film print and the soundtrack.
      • Featuring a wide selection of colour and monochrome prints and slides, this show displays the diversity of interests and skills among the members.
      • Don't miss this opportunity to see a beautiful print of a film that might very well be one of the best you'll see all year.
      • However, nearly 100 cinemas that already had prints of the film showed it anyway, saying they were not served copies of the court order, and moviegoers asked what the fuss was about.
      • I had the pleasure of seeing this print of the film on a big screen, with orchestral and choral accompaniment conducted by Einhorn.
      • He photographs the collages and makes limited-edition, silver gelatin prints from a master negative.
      • That doesn't sound so bad until you realize it is truly the only option; the subtitles are burned into the film print.
      • The resulting negative was used to make prints on a silver-based paper, initially by print-out as Talbot had done, and later by developing.
      • There were a few specks on the film print but they were hard to notice.
      • Salted paper prints were the first type of paper print used in photography.
      • Unfortunately due to bad preservation, many prints of Chinese musical films have been lost, and among those that remain few are shown with English subtitles.
      • The December monthly competition will be open to both colour and monochrome prints.
      • But the thing is that you have to care for these films, for these prints, so that a younger generation can see them again.
      • I used to make 20 or more prints from a dozen or more negatives in a printing session.
      • As noted above, the print of the film is not as crisp and clean as a more recent, glossier Hollywood production might be.
      • Just under the water sheet, you can see dim grass photographs, two prints coloured to the temperature of glass that glint from one sky refraction to another.
      • All of this bonus material is wonderful, but it pales in comparison to the breathtaking print of the film.
      • To make a silver gelatin print, the photographer projects light through his film onto the paper.
      • It's a bad print of a film that hasn't been seen much over the past 39 years.
      • The film print is extremely clean with only a little bit of grain.
      • I can't pass judgment on the studio or the film restorers because I have no way to tell how bad the film prints were to begin with.
      • He finally gave his negatives and prints to the town of Clayton on the condition that they be preserved for future generations.

  • 3

    (of foot, finger)
    huella feminine
    marca feminine
    • In the snow, there were two sets of foot prints winding around the trees; one set human the other huge paw prints.
    • Kerr, who has already acted as an expert witness in criminal trials, is also able to profile potential suspects through wear marks on their shoe prints.
    • It was in a wood up from the beach, and in the morning we'd find the paw prints of all sorts of creatures.
    • Adjacent to the Sutter Creek site, tire impressions and shoe prints were found in the soil adjacent to the area of egress.
    • There were hoof prints at the watering holes, deer or boar or both.
    • Serle hunched down on the ground and ran his fingers over the hoof prints.
    • The criminal complaint said a pair of his boots match prints found where the Rodeo fire and the one-acre fire started.
    • The paw prints of a wild dog were tattooed over his left shoulder, nearly to his sun-bleached hair.
    • The idea of taking the paw print of migrating dogs was a stroke of genius from a senior member of the immigration and naturalisation service, who does not wish to be identified.
    • Zoos around the country, for instance, recently gathered paw prints of jaguars whose sex, age, and size are known.
    • Gazing down from her perspective of about ten feet off the surface, boot prints showed up in the dust around the craft.
    • Noah climbed over the fence, his boots leaving deep prints in the soft ground.
    • Crime scene investigators are also poised to attend garage and shed break-ins to gather finger and palm prints as part of the same operation.
    • Having strangers to stay also means keeping the communal areas of her house immaculate - so no muddy football boots or paw prints are allowed in the hall, she adds.
    • Beneath the window was a large puddle of mud bearing a small set of paw prints.
    • Overall, the print is soft, with some occasional flecks of dirt and minor artifacting and pixelization.
    • Somebody had broken into the house, kicked in the door of her study and kicked a hole in the wall opposite, leaving the very clear print of a size 10 boot.
    • We spent a misty day walking through the forests around Forsmark, where the newly fallen snow held the paw prints of lynx and the big M-shaped hoof marks of moose.
    • When it snowed in January this year there was a trail of prints which came along the top of a brick wall, across the flowerbed and down the path.
    • In some of the prints, the claw marks of the three toes are visible.
    • The animal left a large paw print in mud near houses at Beaumont Chase yesterday afternoon.
    • On closer inspection, he saw that three different sets of prints trailed off in three opposite directions.
    • A paw print was found at one of the locations where it was seen.
  • 4

    estampado masculine
    a floral print un estampado de flores
    • The summer collection has opted for a very pretty look with the accent on floral prints, frills and floaty fabrics in a parade of colour.
    • But the colours on her floral print dress are as vivid as the flag's.
    • A floral print which is predominantly red, or possibly with a black background or a black border, could also work well here.
    • She was now in a floral print dress with narrow straps that showed off her slightly bronzed shoulders (thanks to hours spent in the sun tanning).
    • When the surf's up, it's time to slip into tropical floral print pieces in delicious chocolate and turquoise.
    • Women wear A-line dresses often made of a floral print fabric.
    • Natasha, Vivienne and company modelled pastel richly coloured print dresses and two pieces ideal for summer weddings, the races and parties.
    • The green, blue and yellow collections, with their combination of fresh floral prints and earthy woven checks conjure up images of rural Tuscan living.
    • Floral prints, embroidery and accessories are the looks to go for.
    • For a print fabric, convert the front pattern piece to a full piece instead of the half piece with a foldline.
    • Within a few years his abstract, boldly coloured prints achieve international recognition and are a must for every fashionable lady.
    • Authentic Chinese patterns come to life in silk jacquards, prints and exquisite beaded pieces.
    • Classic Japanese influences are accentuated with very short, floral prints and floral embroideries.
    • She turned heads with a stunning floral print silk dress and matching hat and her outfit was described as magnificent by the adjudicators.
    • Grandma was wearing a beret and a floral print dress and Grandad a black sports blazer with white stripes.
    • There was a soft, teal blue carpet on the floor, and a scattering of armchairs and sofas - most were done in a floral print.
    • She certainly managed to attract their attention in a leopard print dress and full-length fake fur coat.
    • But something like the paisley print summer dress, loosely based on the Louis Vuitton catwalk model, at George at Asda is a great example of what's on offer.
    • The clothes are very colourful and summery, with lots of prints and light fabrics.
    • There is nothing prettier or more versatile than a print summer dress that falls in a nice shape around your knees.
    • Isabelle smiled at the Mickey Mouse apron her Nana wore over the floral print dress.

transitive verb

  • 1

    • 1.1

      (text/design/letter) imprimir
      the title is printed in red el título está impreso en rojo
      • printed in London impreso en Londres
      • to print sth on/onto sth imprimir algo en algo
      • There was suddenly a huge woman in a white wrap dress printed with huge red watercolor roses towering over him.
      • The fabric was printed with a simple design, and the full skirt accentuated her tiny waist.
      • Apocryphally, I once heard a story about a woman who had an extremely expensive silk dress, printed with Chinese characters.
      • People always ask me: how come newspapers print so much bad news?
      • The designs are printed with waterless printing technology, so no water is polluted in the process.
      • For instance, some of the firm's stretch denims were printed with a metallic gold color, and others had gold borders and fringe.
      • The day after this Sunday creation event, the city newspaper printed a full page article on the creation vs. evolution debate.
      • Why would Camping Magazine print an article that was so anticamping?
      • This article was originally printed in the Anglo-Dutch Institute for Oriental Medicine Magazine.
      • Each piece is neatly framed with fabric printed with horses and superheroes, like children's bed sheets.
      • The postage labels will be printed with four different designs in consecutive order in a roll.
      • We cannot guarantee to print all letters received, particularly in cases of repetition.
      • Most US newspapers print their stories from the two major wire services, Reuters and Associated Press.
      • The glass is printed with patterns giving it an animalesque quality.
      • In all her travels she collected souvenirs of varied taste and quality, but one can't fault the good fabric of these towels, even if they are printed with highlights of Tasmania.
      • He added that he believed newspaper apologies should be printed on the same page and cover the same size as the original article.
      • From the adjacent car park the facade reads as a panelled surface printed with a complex pattern.
      • Numerous articles have been printed in local newspapers.
      • The men tend to wear khaki, while the women make their dresses using cotton fabrics printed with patterns.
      • I would like to know why it is so hard these days for a skateboard magazine to print any writing at all that describes skating.
      • Rachel's was possibly the only publication to print the statement verbatim.
      • Their feminine clothes feature hand-dyed silk shirts printed with abstract geometric shapes in creams and browns and some are finished with soft leather panels.
      • The broadsheet newspapers occasionally printed an article which gave some grudging insight into the book world.
      • A wavy mark also was printed on the floor, brushed by some type of clothing.
      • Like paper notes, plastic ones can be printed with intricate background patterns, and can incorporate watermarks and security threads.
      • Their pearly surfaces are printed with his handwritten texts and his drawing of a bird in flight.
      • The cloth is printed with a mix of ethnically distinct Papuan motifs, usually in bright colours (initially due to a difficulty in sourcing dye from Java).
      • One newspaper printed a piece under the headline ‘Death of the Butterfly.’
      • Choose decorative pillows that are printed with enriched brights; blues and yellows, orange and greens.
      • Traditional fabrics were block printed with geometric designs.
      • Once a week, the newspaper prints a column responding to selected comments.
      • So the April Fool's Day story showed up as an important element in an article that was printed on the front page of the Times.
      • The soft fold of a necktie printed with a bookshelf pattern makes the structure appear to be toppling.
      • Some newspapers regularly print rumours or information without sources.
      • A newspaper printed the story, and someone mailed the clipping to my beloved teacher.
      • The newspaper printed a brief item directing readers to the Web site to see for themselves ‘what all the fuss is about.’
      • These documents will probably not be very entertaining to read and few newspapers would print them in full.
      • Soon after that, newspapers regularly printed tables of statistics after each game.
      • Gabe wanted to press charges, to have the newspaper print a front-page story about our experience, to call his lawyer.
      • She browsed through the teen's section and found a cute pink top that was printed with little puppies.
      • Linen printed with ethnic designs will also give an African or Nomadic Arabic back to roots earthy natural flavour.

    • 1.2(print image on)

      (fabric) estampar

    • 1.3(publish)

      • On-demand printing allows the author to print only books that are ordered.
      • From his latest book Robert Lacey reads the tale of William Caxton who printed the first book in the English language, Recuyell of the Historyes of Troye.
      • It is necessary to mention that the book is printed on nature-friendly, elemental chlorine-free paper.
      • We had finished printing the book and had taken it to the bindery.
      • The slim, leather-bound book was printed in London in 1824 and contains details of the military commander's last will and testament in French and English.
      • This represents astonishing progress, since colorplate books were not printed in the United States until the nineteenth century.
      • It wasn't until 1690 that anything resembling a European newspaper was printed in the American colonies.
      • The paper on which the books were printed was flimsy and cheap, and the books sold chiefly on the strength of their garish covers.
      • The idea is to print the circuits onto foil - the same way a newspaper is printed on paper.
      • For example, many newspapers are printed on paper consisting of over 50 per cent recycled paper; to rise to 70 per cent by 2006.
      • The Latin Bible was the first complete book to be printed when Gutenberg introduced his new technology in the middle of the fifteenth century - and it has remained in print to this day.
      • The present handsome book, printed on acid-free paper, is a worthy tribute to the flowers that Redoute rendered almost to the life.
      • Secondly, the book is printed on pulp paper of abysmal quality.
      • The books are printed on papers that match the weight, shade, caliper, and opacity of those earlier editions.
      • In its early days some books were printed on India paper, which was so fine that some volumes were reduced to half their original size.
      • Munro was presented with the Order of the Forest Award for her involvement in a modern movement towards books printed only on forest-friendly paper.
      • In the past, when we printed our own newspapers, we at best reached some 10,000 readers.
      • Harsh penalties were imposed for printing newspapers on unstamped paper.
      • The book is printed wholly on recycled bags and paper, most of which were hand cut by Grout herself.
      • Were it not for paper, what would I print my books on?

    • 1.4printed past participle

      printed papers / matter impresos masculine
      • printed fabric estampado
      • printed circuit circuito impreso
      • printed circuitry circuitos impresos

  • 2

    (write clearly)
    escribir con letra de imprenta
    escribir con letra de molde
    • She shrugged helplessly at him as she pulled on the guy's coat but stopped short when she read the name boldly printed in curving letters: Brad.
    • We suspect that it may be fine for clearly printed characters, but less so for cursive handwriting.
    • The donation should be printed clearly on the back of the card or pack, and can be as little as 5p per packet.
    • Finally we reached a door with the words ‘Headmaster's office’ written in bold letters printed on it.
    • The word ‘Civilian’ was printed in large letters on a cardboard tag, tied to its handle.
    • The sign had bold black lettering, printed in neat block form.
    • The charge that some letters of some signatures are printed rather than written is particularly ludicrous.
    • Its metal surface was light blue, and printed in tiny letters below a pair of offset sensor lenses, was painted: Moss 3.
    • I print this in capital letters merely to emphasise the tone of incredulity with which my colleague, Michael Grant recounted this tale to me from Orlando.
    • Each letter of the text is printed in a separate block, and the blocks are arranged in a rectangular grid of 11 columns and 18 rows.
    • This second letter was printed in a regular font, as if it were taken from a plain-text file.
    • Local election boards wrongly threw out virtually every signature that had been printed rather than written in cursive, as well as those with an initial or diminutive form of the first name.
    • There, Gobber printed the text in plain red capital letters on a white backdrop, evoking nothing so much as a grocery window sign advertising the price of produce.
    • But the designers say the messages, printed in the style of a car number plate, are tongue-in-cheek and claim key letters have been replaced with numbers.
    • Gary Jefferson's name was printed on the door, which was across the hall from them just as soon as he and Manda stepped out of the elevator.
    • What I found was a silver chain, with a plaque in which was clearly printed the name ‘Kiley.’
    • I printed MEG PICKARD clearly, and handed her the form.
    • Some people commented about ritualistically writing, not printing their names up in the right corner of their paper.
  • 3

    (negative) imprimir
    to print a copy from sth sacar una copia de algo
    • His photographs are occasionally painted on, after being printed from negatives he has altered and scratched.
    • You take a strip of negatives and ask another outlet to print the pictures and compare.
    • I can still print from the Brownie negatives from the 1960s, and many will be reproduced in the new Aperture book.
    • The photographs have been printed from a collection of lost negatives that were found by collector John Bosko.
    • Because they could be printed from a negative, cartes de visite could be mass produced, unlike most earlier photographic processes.
  • 4

    (make impression)
    the footmark was clearly printed in the sand la huella del pie estaba claramente marcada en la arena
    • the scene is printed on my memory tengo la escena grabada en la memoria
    • Despite the fact that I don't understand any of what's printed on them, I really enjoy the tiny red bean mooncakes here... and anything made of taro.
    • The cookies are printed with an edible food coloring sugar paper that is glazed onto a vanilla iced cookie.
    • The icing is printed with leaves, and the sugar ribbons are hand-painted, giving them the look of shiny ribbon.
    • Her forehead was swelling red, with the Frisbee's mark printed on it.
    • Another method of hiding the message was printed in the surface of mooncakes as a simple puzzle or mosaic.

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (press/printer/computer) imprimir
    the book is printing el libro está en la imprenta
  • 2

    (write clearly)
    escribir con letra de imprenta
    escribir con letra de molde
  • 3