Translation of priority in Spanish:


prioridad, n.

Pronunciation /prʌɪˈɒrɪti//praɪˈɔrədi/


  • 1

    prioridad feminine
    (before noun) prioritario
    the problems were dealt with in order of priority los problemas se trataron por orden de prioridad
    • to give priority to sth dar prioridad a algo
    • they have given priority to reducing inflation le han dado prioridad a la reducción de la inflación
    • this matter should be given top priority esta cuestión debería tener prioridad absoluta
    • to have/take priority (over sth) tener prioridad (sobre algo)
    • priority item asunto prioritario
    • priority treatment tratamiento prioritario
    • European Community law is potentially more powerful, since it takes priority over domestic law.
    • The highest priority must go to measures that reduce the risk of immediate further attacks.
    • Our priority must be to provide proper mental health services and support for this young age group.
    • Track events take priority over field events but all athletes must report to the field event official at the time stated.
    • Giving loans from banks for agriculture purposes must be made easier and given priority.
    • He set off the next day knowing that finding food must be his first priority, but his next meal was to come from an unexpected source.
    • In such cases the need to protect the public takes priority over the principle of proportionality.
    • The well-being and saving the lives of the old folk must have priority if this deal has any validity.
    • Experiments also must be second in priority to the accumulation of points.
    • Currently not many are considered to be in priority need by local authorities.
    • Financing the country's energy is an absolute necessity and takes priority over all things.
    • The priority must be the care and safety of mums-to-be, their babies and their families.
    • A degree of priority must logically be given to the funding of their primary home.
    • Mkhonta says cutting the number of pedestrian accidents must be given higher priority.
    • Clients can arrange a simple budget account through the centre to help them pay their priority debts.
    • These would be given priority treatment and less severe cases would be put on a waiting list.
    • As a newspaperman, there are some stories you hold onto and some you assign priority status.
    • The biggest group in priority need were people with children, while those not in priority need were single men.
    • We do develop the local into good quality players but there comes a time when work takes priority over the game.
    • The priority given to low costs contributes to a consensus that service improvements are unlikely.
  • 2

    (important matter, aim)
    tax reform is (a) top priority la reforma impositiva tiene prioridad absoluta
    • my first/number one priority is … para mí lo primero / lo más importante es …
    • that is important, but it's not my priority eso es importante, pero para mí no es lo primero
    • you have to get your priorities right / sort out your priorities tienes que saber decidir qué es lo más importante
  • 3British

    (in traffic)
    preferencia feminine
    • Zurich's trams also have priority over all forms of traffic at any time, even over pedestrians at crossings.
    • The new traffic lights are intended to give priority to buses coming from Wroughton park and ride.
    • Cycle lanes and pedestrian access points will be given greater priority.
    • Give the bus priority over other traffic by fitting a musical klaxon, like the emergency services.
    • Do taxis in Skipton have priority over all traffic?
    • The city should give pedestrians and cyclists equal top priority, before motors and plan for this.
    • The following two sections deal with bus lanes and traffic signal priority respectively.
    • Controversial plans to move queuing traffic and to give buses priority on a York road are being reconsidered.
    • This analysis has presented instances for which active bus priority may be justified.
    • It's actually possible to build traffic lights which give buses priority.