Translation of privacy in Spanish:


privacidad, n.

Pronunciation /ˈprɪvəsi//ˈprʌɪvəsi//ˈpraɪvəsi/


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    privacidad feminine
    we have no privacy here aquí no tenemos ninguna privacidad
    • in the privacy of one's own home en la intimidad del hogar
    • to respect sb's privacy respetar la intimidad de algn
    • So, we'll leave the young lovers their peace and their privacy, for the time being at least.
    • How much convenience and privacy are you willing to give up in return for a given increase in security?
    • Test it by jumping up and down in the privacy of your dressing room!
    • Would this be in public, or could we just practise in the privacy of our living room?
    • Even in the privacy of the bedroom, we kept safely to our sides.
    • Of late he lived a reserved life and enjoyed the privacy of his own home.
    • The house is set off the road and offers plenty of seclusion and privacy for its occupants.
    • It took me years to get over the first burglary, and now my home and privacy have been invaded again.
    • It can be a traumatic experience to have the privacy of your home invaded.
    • To ensure daytime privacy for back seat passengers, the rear windows are dark tinted.
    • Critics have charged that the program will give the defence department the power to invade personal privacy.
    • This house seems ideal for a family looking for privacy or a bit of peace and quiet.
    • The consideration to guests, comfort and privacy is on show everywhere you look.
    • The only drawback is the loss of privacy to the rear by the addition of some new houses.
    • The master was carried out and attended to in the privacy of his bedroom.
    • Personal privacy is respected and staring is discouraged, although eye contact is not avoided.
    • A sheet has been hung from the ceiling to ensure complete privacy.
    • She feared the new houses on the school site would block light to her bungalow and invade her privacy.
    • Let this broken old man hobble off to the privacy of his own home.
    • The wall appeared completely black from the outside, allowing for a cheery atmosphere while ensuring complete privacy.