Translation of private bill in Spanish:

private bill



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    proyecto de ley presentado por un diputado
    moción feminine Chile
    • I congratulate them on negotiating a governance structure that best reflects their interests, and I congratulate the Minister on facilitating this with a private bill.
    • In the most cynical way these can be called ‘values’: they could be turned into large amounts of compensation money in the private bill committee rooms of the House of Lords.
    • A hybrid bill, which combines both a public and private bill, could be introduced to Parliament this autumn.
    • Like his father, he was committed to law reform; he introduced many private bills, the most important of those carried being the Married Women's Property Act of 1879, as well as sitting on the Law Reform Commission.
    • Under Article 74 of the Basic Law, lawmakers may introduce private bills which do not relate to public expenditure, political structure, or the operation of the government.
    • It is slightly different in nature to earlier private bills relating to the New Zealand Guardian Trust Co. in that it is now owned by a parent company that is registered in New South Wales, Australia.
    • What's more, the executive branch is using every excuse to prevent me from raising a private bill.
    • This bill is a private bill, and was reported from the Maori Affairs Committee.
    • The Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland has brought a private bill to the Oireachtas to remove limitations on the amount of property it owns.
    • Martin said Monday he would not allow MPs to use private bills to remove rights already established in the charter.
    • Transport for London is consulting on a private bill that will go before Parliament in November.
    • Hearings before the private bills committee created an extraordinary focus on the issue, and many stories emerged of the sad plight of tenants.
    • I wonder what negotiations or discussions have taken place with local government, local authorities, and those law firms that have an interest in matters such as private bills, local bills, and local legislation bills.
    • Both private bills are currently being steered through the House of Lords.
    • Experts have estimated, for example, that most of the bills put before the State Duma are private bills (narrowly specialized or ‘spot’ bills) and have a low quality.
    • Unlike at Westminster, private bills have a good track record of success at Holyrood.
    • We should really have that assurance from the promoter of the bill, because a private bill is a special privilege: an organisation is given the privilege of having the law written specially for it, and the law does not apply to anyone else.
    • Most of us consider that the preparation and introduction of a private bill to Parliament does not constitute an onerous liability on a company.
    • Smokefree Liverpool's private bill and a similar bill by the Association of London Government are due to have their second reading in the House of Lords on March 11.
    • In most states, the only way to get a divorce was to petition the legislature for a private bill of divorce.