Translation of private income in Spanish:

private income

rentas, n.


  • 1

    rentas feminine
    • This long period of study, which exercised a decisive influence on his life and outlook, was rendered possible by a modest private income, combined with simple living and abstemious habits.
    • Regarded as Ireland's first Modernist painter, O'Conor enjoyed the luxury of a private income.
    • Her parents had been forced to downsize the stately to a humble manor house and her private income was minimal.
    • His private income enabled him to travel on geological excursions virtually every year, visiting much of Europe in pursuit of stratigraphical successions reaching further and further back in geological time.
    • By losing his private income and his ‘expectations' Pip does not experience a drop in social status.
    • Apart from his literary earnings, his appointments at Vienna and Turin had left him ‘master of near a thousand Pound’ and his sister had a small private income of £30 to add to his £50.
    • When Churchill became a second lieutenant in the British cavalry in 1895 his pay was £120 a year but a private income of at least double that was necessary to maintain horses and equipment.
    • He lived lavishly at university and, despite his private income, frequently sent to his uncle William for additional funds.
    • Delacroix received an upper-class education at the Lycée Impériale in Paris, and for the first few years of his adult life enjoyed a private income, before the family fortunes were ruined by lawsuits over property.
    • By the early 1950s Minton, with his private income, flamboyant personality and prodigious talent, was a celebrity in the mould of today's Britart pack.