Translation of private parts in Spanish:

private parts

partes pudendas, n.

plural noun

euphemistic, humorous

  • 1

    partes pudendas feminine euphemistic humorous
    intimidades feminine euphemistic humorous
    • Although the man was in shorts, they had ridden up his legs, and his lack of underpants had turned his private parts into glaringly public ones.
    • It is, however, forbidden, in the strongest possible terms, to squeeze, grope and fondle your own private parts in public.
    • However, there is still a reluctance on behalf of some people to go to the health board clinic or their doctor and say they have something wrong with their private parts.
    • I managed to almost zip up my private parts in a pair of jeans on Monday, which brings the number of consecutive public holidays my testicles have been injured to three.
    • She was such a sweet little girl, and she was always taught about her private parts and about telling mommy and daddy when someone hurts you.