Translation of privy purse in Spanish:

privy purse


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    (in UK)
    the privy purse dinero para los gastos personales del monarca
    • Prince Michael enjoys a subsidy from the Queen towards the cost of his accommodation at Kensington Palace, but he receives no payment from the civil list or privy purse.
    • After the transfer of power, the rulers of the Residency Areas signed the ‘Deed of Accession’ on behalf of the ruled on exchange they were offered privy purse.
    • But questions were raised in Parliament about the cost to taxpayers who were footing the bill through the privy purse.
    • Breaking pledges given at the time of independence, the government abolished all royal titles and privileges in 1971 and stopped payment of special pensions, called privy purses.
    • So what if they have lost their privy purses and are left hallucinating about their past glory?
    • Since Thanjavur became a British residency in 1885 and the rulers were not granted a privy purse, the palace has nothing of the sweep and dimensions of the other grander princely houses in the country.
    • Even there, the royals must look to parliament and the privy purse for handouts at a time when Elizabeth's dysfunctional grandchildren have done all that is humanly possible to bring the idea of monarchy into disrepute.
    • Sarah was made mistress of the robes, groom of the stole and keeper of the privy purse, which put her in control of the royal household.
    • He fought innumerable cases of high order, such as the cases against nationalisation of banks and for abolition of privy purses.
    • If the Queen still holds that view - rather than the suspicion that she occupies the throne on sufferance - she should tell the keeper of the privy purse about it.
    • A cataclysmic upheaval was experienced by the other princely families when the privy purses were abolished in 1971.
    • Indira Gandhi finally disestablished them in the 1970's, when all the princely states were denied their privy purses.
    • Although he feels the princes were betrayed by the government when the privy purses were abolished, he has a positive way of looking at it.
    • Having been bought by the personal privy purse of the King, the whole collection was returned to his family in England in 1850.
    • The Prince found other means of showing his appreciation of the Handelian's worth, by proposing him for a pension from the Emperor William's privy purse, in commemoration of Handel's bi-centenary, in 1885.