Translation of pro-family in Spanish:


defensor de la familia, adj.

Pronunciation /proʊˈfæm(ə)li/



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    defensor de la familia
    • It is pro-family, uniting those gay family members with their siblings and parents in the unifying ritual of civil marriage.
    • And in a matter of time, there will be 100 million active evangelical voters who will, every year, every election year, decide the pro-life, pro-family candidate's elected.
    • It's a pro-family position, and economics and standard of living really does not enter into it.
    • An understanding of the structural roots of family and gender shifts is essential if we are to reclaim ‘family values’ and develop a pragmatic, progressive, pro-family agenda.
    • But the truth is that they're not pro-family, their only pro-families that look like theirs.
    • Notice here how being pro-family and being gay-friendly are not exclusive categories.
    • These believers express a desire for political authority, but only of the type supportive of pro-family social nucleus and traditionally-bound, regulated liberties.
    • For many pro-family voters, protecting traditional marriage ranks ahead of the economy and job creation.
    • Please ask all faithful Catholics you know to arrange to have Masses said for pro-life and pro-family victories at the polls this Nov. 2004.
    • Other voices are then heard: feminists, family therapists, Christian pro-family movements, economists, and the civil society.
    • A pro-family government wouldn't use family payments to penalise women who want to work and contribute a few dollars a week to the family income.
    • Prism, the monthly published by Evangelicals for Social Action, has called the series ‘the most pro-family, God-preoccupied, home-based program on television.’
    • Socially progressive, pro-business but anti-corporate, pro-family but anti ‘conservative family values’, we are a diverse and dynamic group of people who deserve to be heard.
    • As a pro-family and pro-life leader, Gary is held to a higher standard.
    • The new favored term is ‘the pro-family movement,’ but that's so overtly propagandistic - secularists are anti-family?
    • The Democrats aren't perceived as the pro-family party.
    • The tax cut increases the child tax credit from $500 to $1,000 over several years-a good pro-family initiative.
    • Equal Rights Washington, a group advocating equal treatment for gays, said marriage is ‘a pro-family ideal ‘that should be available to all.’
    • It is the most pro-family measure imaginable - keeping families together, building new ones, strengthening the ties between generations.
    • A Virginia pro-family advocate says the people who helped re-elect President Bush don't support homosexual relationships - the administration apparently does.