Translation of probability in Spanish:


probabilidad, n.

Pronunciation /prɒbəˈbɪlɪti//ˌprɑbəˈbɪlədi/

nounPlural probabilities

  • 1

    probabilidad feminine
    there is little probability that she'll come / of her coming es poco probable que venga
    • what are the probabilities for a Democratic victory? ¿qué probabilidades hay de una victoria democrática?
    • They will continue to kidnap because probability shows that the chance of being caught and prosecuted in Trinidad is slim.
    • The probability of transformation is framed entirely in terms of the quality of the commodity.
    • It's all in the hands of fate and probability, which our very educational maths classes taught us how to calculate.
    • As in most of genetics, breeding good hips is largely a matter of chance, or probability.
    • The probability of that happening is probably somewhat lower than a conventional attack.
    • He said, ‘In probability it would have happened, so you did it’, and that was it.
    • I resonate with your point that probability balances out luck as more games are played.
    • The judge was entitled to conclude that the patentees had lost a chance of making sales to those buyers - no doubt a chance of differing probability in each case.
    • For these reasons he also believes that the depression would have on the balance of probability been likely to occur in any case, although later.
    • The probability of this convergence happening by chance tends to zero as the number of experimental procedures increases.
    • It is a known and foreseeable hazard and has high probability.
    • This holds provided that the initial probability of the hypothesis in relation to the background knowledge or belief is not zero.
    • In terms of probability, the chance of recombination increases with increase in length of the chromosome arm.
    • It shows the extent to which this probability would increase with lower, and decrease with higher, screening costs.
    • He then shows how belief arises with both chance and probability.
    • This provides increasing probability of recombination and hence increased mapping resolution.
    • This step examines each hazard in terms of probability and severity to determine what the level of risk is when you're exposed to the hazard.
    • He agreed with the coroner that on the balance of probability it was likely someone else had been in the graveyard when the stone fell on Adam.
    • Simply put, the larger the number of plays, the more likely that the fixed probability will catch up with the player.
    • Not only that but it has the same probability of happening as you buying two winning lottery tickets in one week.
    • The laws of probability say it cannot happen but Maine Road is still too fresh in the minds of Minstermen everywhere for it to be ignored just yet.
    • By the same laws of probability, the chances that a random bus will spontaneously explode for no reason are slim to none.
  • 2

    probabilidad feminine
    • Among seven people, there is about a 60 percent probability that two will have birthdays within a week of each other.
    • The probability of an event is the ratio of the favorable outcomes to the possible outcomes.
    • An event which will definitely occur has probability 1, and everything else is somewhere in between.
    • When there are twice as many attackers as defenders, the winning probability exceeds 80 percent.
    • In the field of mathematics he worked on probability, recurring decimals and the theory of equations.