Translation of problem in Spanish:


problema, n.

Pronunciation /ˈprɒbləm//ˈprɑbləm/


  • 1

    problema masculine
    (child/family) (before noun) difícil
    heart/back problems problemas de corazón/espalda
    • he has a drink problem bebe demasiado
    • he has a weight problem tiene problemas con el peso
    • she's got boyfriend problems tiene problemas de amores
    • we were faced with the problem of what to say to her nos vimos enfrentados al problema de qué decirle
    • I'm having problems deciding no acabo de decidirme
    • any problems, just call me si hay algún problema, llámame
    • getting another ticket was no problem no hubo ninguna dificultad / ningún problema para conseguir otra entrada
    • this should present no problems for an experienced musician esto no le debería ofrecer ninguna dificultad a un músico con experiencia
    • what's the problem? ¿algún problema?
    • money is not the problem el problema no es el dinero
    • your problem is that you're bone idle lo que pasa es que eres un gandul
    • problem case caso problemático
    • problem drinker persona con problemas con el alcohol / la bebida
    • problem drinking problemas con el alcohol / la bebida
    • problem page consultorio
    • The source of the country's problems is the lack of confidence in the governing process.
    • Many youth today are disillusioned and lack personal vision, which partially explains the drug problem plaguing many western countries.
    • This is a good time to deal with earthy details, practical matters and health problems.
    • When there is too extensive a drain of Capital from a country, tremendous liquidity problems occur.
    • He stressed that prison overcrowding was the main problem facing all prisons in the country.
    • To my knowledge it's the only commercial product in the world that actually has resolved that fundamental problem.
    • Workers have already been forced to look for other jobs due to financial and family problems.
    • Once all the technical problems solved, we start getting it down on tape.
    • Conversely, if the extrusion temperature is too high, two potential problems arise.
    • He also has been plagued by left hamstring problems.
    • "The specialist thinks the groin problem stems from my back complaint.
    • We are never going to solve environmental problems without also solving social justice problems.
    • The Net poses intractable problems to the would-be lawmaker, or moral disciplinarian.
    • As he points out, the new capitalist economy created social problems not previously faced in American society.
    • The mechanism of adaptation remains a fundamental unsolved problem in evolutionary biology.
    • Thus Aer Lingus and its directors face serious technical problems from a company law perspective.
    • However, you do clearly have a problem dealing with stressful situations.
    • Academy status gives schools greater freedom to tackle the problems associated with low performance.
    • Although I'm very well off myself, I do unfortunately have a temporary cashflow problem at the moment.
    • And the sheer truth: the world's poverty problem is mainly due to unequal distribution of capitalism.
    • When constructed the roundabout will hopefully alleviate the difficult traffic problems experienced by motorists when exiting Ursuline Court.
    • But most experts believe the country's drug problem is likely to get a lot worse before it gets better.
    • But the website seemed to be experiencing some technical teething problems.
  • 2

    problema masculine
    • Book One discusses his laws of motion then proceeds to a series of propositions, theorems and problems.
    • Problems in geometry whose solutions he had shown privately to colleagues were detailed in the book
    • This work attempted to solve the problem of constructing a line of the same length as an arc of a circle.
    • He was intrigued by an elusive and tantalizing little problem in elementary geometry known as the butterfly problem.
    • The Greeks did not think of the problem as a problem in algebra but rather as a problem in geometry.