Translation of problematic in Spanish:


problemático, adj.


Pronunciation /ˌprɑbləˈmædɪk//prɒbləˈmatɪk/


  • 1

    • Thus, the problematic nature of eyewitness reports was explicitly acknowledged by the U.S. Supreme Court.
    • That said, no study of crime can ignore recorded criminal statistics, if only to highlight their partial and problematic nature.
    • Like people who hoard possessions, animal hoarders often lack insight into the problematic nature of their behavior.
    • Changes to the Constitution have proved somewhat problematic in the past.
    • The problematic software programme controls the town centre traffic lights in connection with recently installed sensors.
    • Her analysis captures the problematic nature of the self in late modernity and presents it in stark and provocative relief.
    • Although they have the choice of return, it would be a more problematic and difficult move than for British immigrants.
    • One of the most controversial and problematic aspects of globalisation is the homogenisation that tends to accompany it.
    • He was a pioneer in designing programmes for captive elephant care, and in the capture and control of problematic animals.
    • This was a show that presented the problematic areas of representation of people outside of one's socio-political group.
    • And because of the problematic nature of this general metaphysics, the strategy of this discussion will have to be somewhat different.
    • It will do well to escape the controversy of its problematic production, which has raised questions about the scrutiny afforded to public funding of film in Scotland.
    • Poverty is presented as an issue of problematic behaviour and low self-esteem, rather than of not having enough money.
    • Blurring the distinction between slave and free makes more complicated and problematic the nature of legal status.
    • The problematic nature of the concepts ‘Art Brut’ or ‘Outsider Art’ is once more exposed by a case such as his.
    • In reality, the moral implications in such a world are no more problematic or complex than they are in the current one.
    • As it is in the witness cases that the courts have most directly confronted the problematic nature of psychiatric illness claims, it is with those cases that we begin.
    • It seems to be solid enough, but it is problematic and tricky, you're never as sure of it as you'd like to be.
    • The problematic nature of these terms has been discussed at length elsewhere.
    • Perhaps the most problematic aspect of contemporary nature photography is what is not in the frame.