Translation of proceed in Spanish:


avanzar, v.

Pronunciation /prəˈsid//proʊˈsid//prəˈsiːd/

intransitive verb

  • 1formal

    (move forward)
    (person/vehicle) avanzar
    I was proceeding along King Street when … circulaba por King Street cuando …
    • please proceed to gate five les rogamos se dirijan a la puerta número cinco
    • to proceed on one's way seguir adelante
    • And it's interesting, because I was uncertain whether they were going to proceed forward.
    • Proceeding in this fashion will truly let a manufacturer sleep well at night.
    • If you do, the bike proceeds forward: if you don't, it stops, you fall off, and you may hurt yourself.
    • The debate can not proceed at the slow pace to which academics are accustomed.
    • Both sides proceeded on the footing that all the terms of the sale had been agreed.
    • We proceeded into the channel, did a tight 180 on the bow of the ship, and taxied back toward the island.
    • She was the lonely walker who proceeded from Selous to Harare on her own, to ensure that the protest march reached its planned conclusion.
    • All knowledge, he consistently maintained, proceeded from Scripture.
    • The spirit of rebellion proceeded from the new world back to the old.
    • His three main goals proceeded from this principal objective.
    • These unique characteristics are seen as indicators that the individual has a special standing in the society, that their very creation proceeded from a point of power.
    • My new guide catches me looking back as we proceed down the corridor.
    • But a responsible political leader is not at liberty to proceed in that manner.
    • Fans of classic film move forward: Others should proceed cautiously.
    • They proceeded more cautiously down the path, but for the moment the air was clear.
    • Whenever one discusses long-term planning in foreign policy, one must proceed with caution.
    • She had no inkling of how to proceed, but quickly moved forward and sat down by the fire.
    • Once on the track, they proceeded in the direction of their own home.
    • The observed linear behavior of the DNA extension with time was interpreted to mean growth proceeded from a single nucleus.
    • The captain explained as he and Floyd proceeded to move some rocks away from her body.
    • She hooked her arm in an unfamiliar man's as they slowly proceeded down the aisle.
    • Then she proceeded out the door and plopped down on the porch.
    • The fossil record shows the development of life-forms that have proceeded from simple to complex over geological time.
    • The sound that proceeded from Casey's mouth was something between a giggle and a snort.
    • Glancing to the left, I proceeded forward, right in the path of a bus.
    • In assessing the global situation, Trotsky proceeded from the relationship between Europe and America.
    • In the conduct of diplomacy, king and minister proceeded from different assumptions.
    • That other machine may, in like manner, have proceeded from a former machine: nor does that alter the case; the contrivance must have had a contriver.
    • In the corner of her eye, she could just make out the other Rangers proceeding forward as she had done.
    • All proceeded from a premise that equated modernization with Westernization.
    • That her strange outburst of familiarity proceeded from some strong motive seemed to be more than probable.
    • He didn't finish his thought; he merely proceeded, and let his two allies follow him at their own discretion.
    • But, to Toulmin, this act of homage proceeded from a delusion.
    • He paused a moment to allow his eyes to adjust to the reduced lighting then proceeded cautiously.
  • 2

    proceed, Mr. Thomas continúe, Sr. Thomas
    • to proceed to sth pasar a algo
    • let us proceed to the next item on the agenda pasemos al siguiente punto del orden del día
    • to proceed (with sth) seguir adelante (con algo)
    • do you intend to proceed with the case? ¿piensas seguir adelante con el caso?
    • to proceed to + inf
    • she proceeded to tell us why pasó a explicarnos por qué
    • he threatened to resign, then proceeded to do just that amenazó con dimitir e ipso facto lo hizo
    • he broke it and then proceeded to tell me it was my fault! ¡lo rompe y va y me dice olímpicamente que es culpa mía!
    • In some cases, the excavation proceeded down as far as the natural ground.
    • As his analysis proceeds, Bartolini continually makes interesting and often unexpected connections.
    • It did fall 12 votes short in the motion to proceed to continue the debate.
    • Admission to the study proceeded in a staged manner.
    • I know the joint work between the Polish command and the Bulgarian contingent has been proceeding very well.
    • A poem generally starts along a continuum that proceeds from syllable to word to phrase to line to stanza.
    • As the test proceeded, additional wetting continued to appear at the exposed interior face of the brick and several points of incursion on the brick were noted.
    • Has there been any commentary on this litigation as it has proceeded through the courts, any written law review or other comments on the case?
    • The litigation proceeded through pleadings, examinations for discovery and pre-trial hearings with great difficulty.
    • As taxonomic study proceeds on the assumption that evolution has taken place, it is much involved with phylogenetics, which deals with the description of evolutionary relationships.
    • The line of reasoning proceeds as follows: Science is a cumulative activity.
    • The local environmental study could've been proceeding and they decided that it was to be a complete hold on it.
    • Negotiations proceeded almost continuously until the next day at noon, when the two sides reached a tentative settlement.
    • As the excavation proceeded, there turned out to be five swords.
    • There will be further opportunities to view the house as dismantling continues and reconstruction proceeds at the new site.
    • But he denied reports on Chad's latest threat, saying bilateral co-operation continued to proceed.
  • 3formal

    how does one proceed in such circumstances? ¿cómo se debe proceder en tales circunstancias? formal
    • He looked deep into her eyes and then, proceeded to lean forward to kiss her.
    • They easily proceeded from one to the next with a short pause in between; all seemed to know the order in which they would be sung.
    • After that, they will proceed to a more advanced lesson.
    • Then Yaakov proceeds to name the area where this event took place.
    • The question displayed must be completed before proceeding to the next one.
    • Rather than reconfiguring the Court in one fell swoop, they must proceed member by member, as justices die or leave voluntarily.
    • Next the student must proceed through a commitment stage (I will achieve), followed by an actual expenditure of effort.
    • She bundled up my bedding and proceeded to toss it down the staircase.
    • After some time, he and the man behind the counter proceeded from a civil conversation to a heated argument in French.
    • Kim moved forward and proceeded to do the same thing on her other cheek.
    • Once that decision is made, we must then proceed concretely with its implementation, that is to say the transfer of responsibility, which will take a little time.
    • The clerk retired with the magistrates when they considered their verdict and the magistrates proceeded to find McCarthy guilty.
  • 4

    everything is proceeding according to plan todo marcha conforme al plan
  • 5to proceed from

    proceder de
  • 6formal

    (take legal action)
    to proceed against
    demandar a
    • There are, however, a number of situations in which it is possible to proceed against the Community directly.
    • It proceeded with its lawsuit in Texas and in March 2002, this went to trial by judge and jury.
    • Meanwhile, the lawsuit will proceed against the state and other individual counties with the trial set for Aug.26.
    • Multiple postings may make it futile to proceed against any given site.
    • Based on the cases cited, the action cannot proceed for want of evidence.
    • I am entitled to know those reasons before giving instructions to proceed by way of Judicial Review to set aside your decision.
    • On October 9, 2003 the Respondent revoked that offer and the litigation proceeded.
    • In annulling this decision the Court has made it difficult for the Commission to proceed against collusive practices.
    • This lawsuit, should it proceed, calls for close watching.
    • The recent decision that a class action suit can proceed against Wal-Mart seems to be cut from this cloth.
    • A solicitor who proceeds with hopeless litigation (even if legally aided) may still be liable to pay personally the costs of the other party.
    • Do you say you can proceed against Aboriginal native title claimants for trespass if they happen to wander across any part of your tenement?
    • It is not logical, he argues to be unable to proceed against the detaining authority and yet recover damages against a third party.
    • Your Honour, what that would demonstrate is that the plaintiff proposed to seek to proceed against Baxter.
    • Hamilton and Windsor elected to proceed by way of litigation.
    • Nothing of significance occurred following July 26, and thereafter, this litigation proceeded between the parties.
    • Levinson will remain as a defendant and the action will proceed against him and the other three defendants.
    • Thus civil law countries may use a nationality principle and proceed against a national no matter where in the world an offence is committed.
    • This high-stakes lawsuit is now proceeding in the United States District Court for the District of Columbia, before Judge John Bates.
    • Legal sources said the prisoners cannot be forced to accept the writs, and that the highly publicised lawsuits cannot proceed without them.

transitive verb

  • 1

    well, he proceeded, it was like this … —bueno —siguió diciendo / prosiguió —fue así …