Translation of proceedings in Spanish:


Pronunciation /proʊˈsidɪŋz//prəˈsidɪŋz//prəˈsiːdɪŋz/

plural noun

  • 1

    proceedings began late la reunión (or el acto etc.) empezó tarde
    • rain interrupted proceedings at a very tense moment in the game la lluvia interrumpió el desarrollo del juego en un momento de gran tensión
    • two teachers were there to keep an eye on proceedings había dos profesores vigilando lo que sucedía
  • 2

    medidas feminine
    there will be no disciplinary proceedings no se tomarán medidas disciplinarias
    • to start / (formal) institute proceedings against sb entablarle juicio a algn
    • It is a delicate task to choreograph the proceedings in such a way as to sidestep them.
    • Mr Cullen said there have been major developments since the proceedings were initiated.
    • Even the proceedings of the programme were different in tune with its central theme.
    • Five demonstrators were arrested at the end of the protest, when proceedings had all but ended.
    • Bring your own nibbles and drinks, along with a plate of afternoon tea to share at the end of the proceedings.
    • One could see a mixture of emotions from the elders, who gathered to watch the proceedings.
    • As the sleeve notes say, perhaps it was a rather odd idea to kick off proceedings with a series of unheard songs.
    • This allowed their players to make it to the ground, albeit after the start of proceedings.
    • The anchor tried to pep up the proceedings with titbits and comments on every participant.
    • With David Chapman conducting proceedings, the concerts promise to be splendid affairs.
    • In a modern economy, there are two specific ways politicians affect proceedings.
    • They advised the group that they were on a construction site but did not intervene in proceedings.
    • A model of consistency, she is rarely far away at the business end of proceedings and will make her presence felt again.
    • Yau was angry to hear city council has started formal expropriation proceedings.
    • Access to proceedings by means of a television camera will assist this process.
    • Acorn began slowly and allowed Stanley to dominate the early proceedings when scoring two converted tries.
    • A planning team from Singapore is here to observe the proceedings and arrangements.
    • The often fussy Mr Riley raised a yellow card at Tugay and then McMahon in a staccato start to proceedings.
    • Afterwards they sit watching the rest of the proceedings from the main body of the Throne Room.
    • Taking pride of place were two giant screens that projected the proceedings live.
  • 3

    actas feminine
    • Indeed, some of the accounts from the proceedings of the Commission read like most charged drama.
    • A Government on the defensive will even censor Parliament proceedings if it has to.
    • If you want to read the entire proceedings of World Youth Day, the laundry list can be found here.
    • The judge claimed that he had failed to retrieve the records and proceedings of five cases.
    • His results were published in the proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences last Monday.
    • The authors of abstracts in conference proceedings were contacted for further information.
    • Estate accounts, legal proceedings, and title to land all began to be made in writing.
    • Like most conference proceedings this book is likely to be of interest to quite a limited audience.
    • The proceedings of this conference were published as Sport in History in 1979.
    • The group publication of conference proceedings is rarely unproblematic.
    • The paper appeared in the conference proceedings of which Rankin was himself an editor.