Translation of procession in Spanish:


desfile, n.

Pronunciation /prəˈsɛʃən//prəˈsɛʃ(ə)n/


  • 1

    desfile masculine
    Religion procesión feminine
    a funeral procession un cortejo fúnebre
    • an endless procession of grey days una interminable sucesión de días grises
    • in procession en procesión
    • A Yorkshire soldier will have a key place in the guiding of the ceremonial gun to be used for the procession and funeral of the Queen Mother.
    • The common law allows orderly protests, processions, petitions and so forth - and these blockades were entirely orderly.
    • The procession followed a private ceremony, attended by about 200 family and friends.
    • Catholic countries like Spain make the most of the holy season (semana santa) with torchlit processions and extravagant religious ceremonies.
    • The ceremony begins with a procession from your college to the Senate House (a short walk in our case).
    • Five thousand admirers marched in his funeral procession and Poole became a martyr for anti-immigrant nativists.
    • A car bomber drove his vehicle into a funeral procession, a funeral procession for one of the local prominent tribal leaders there.
    • In a break with Royal tradition the Princess Royal will also join the procession, a ceremony usually reserved for men.
    • The opening ceremony included a procession down the High Street by the society's fleet of funeral vehicles to the sound of a piper major.
    • When the most famous composer of the age died, about thirty thousand mourners were present at the funeral procession on March 26, 1827.
    • Events will include a civic procession and wreath laying ceremony on Saturday followed by a civic service at St Charles Borromeo to celebrate Wilberforce's life and work.
    • The ceremony began with a procession from the local community centre to the church followed by special devotions in the church.
    • The London procession and ceremony were being televised live - TV cameras were allowed into Westminster Abbey for the first time.
    • The pupils from the two schools joined together in singing, reading, praying and processions to make the ceremony beautiful.
    • And ever since then I have held little regard for all the pomp and ceremony of military processions and patriotism.
    • At burial ceremonies several processions, each one associated with a grade of the society, go from the lodge to the burial place.
    • A torchlight procession, a religious ceremony and blessing mark the day that Saint Dévoe is believed to have arrived in Monaco.
    • The purpose of cursus monuments is unclear, but it is assumed they were used for parades or some kind of ceremony which involved processions.
    • The 60-minute performances feature traditional dances of the four regions, a wedding ceremony, wedding processions and a sword fight.
    • Thousands marched behind his funeral procession, a measure of his extraordinary impact on Russia's very heart, soul, and mind.