Translation of procurement in Spanish:


obtención, n.

Pronunciation /prəˈkjʊəmənt//prəˈkjʊrmənt/



  • 1

    obtención feminine
    (by purchasing) adquisición feminine
    • He also hopes that Taiwan will open up the market for foreign contractors in public procurement projects.
    • Traders at the satellite exchange negotiate deals and define technical requirements, including providing advice on procurement of ground segment hardware and teleport services.
    • During the talks, she said that Bulgarian legislation did not impose restrictions on the access of foreign candidates to Government procurement contracts.
    • Bitner teaches procurement and acquisitions management in the School of Business and Technology on the Jacksonville campus.
    • She welcomes the liberalization of access for Australian firms to US Government procurement programs.
    • He also said he decided to transfer school meal responsibility to schools after being given concrete legal, employment and procurement advice from senior council officers.
    • Foreign firms have long decried the murky state of government procurement.
    • Measures to reduce border costs, harmonize technical standards, and liberalize public procurement expose firms to the rigours of competition.
    • Although China has laws and rules for government procurement and bidding, foreign executives said that much Olympic contracting is governed by neither.
    • Of course, EU competition cases aren't confined just to subsidy cases, there are lots of actions involving mergers and acquisitions and also public procurement.
    • A survey by the BIA found that about 50 per cent of the owners of firms thought that there was corruption when bids for public procurement were evaluated.
    • A handful of firms are thought to have benefited from being consistently awarded procurement contracts and are at the centre of the probe.
    • £117 billion is being spent on procurement and small and medium-sized firms are being invited to cash in.
    • The marketing plan includes procurement of nuts at the appropriate time and giving the best price to the farmer.
    • We can use the intervening few years to make our markets more competitive, procurement more transparent and foreign investment much easier.
    • If public bodies continue to exclude local firms from their procurement process, all the brave words about a Smart Successful Scotland will ring hollow.
    • The issue of technology is becoming the forefront of American procurement and acquisition issues.
    • Now they are being asked to embark on a massive round of negotiations on virtually all trade issues at once, and to add new trade issues such as government procurement and foreign investment.
    • Internet-based procurement now puts foreign suppliers on almost equal footing as domestic suppliers.
    • The President of the Trinidad and Tobago Manufacturers Association has a bit of advice for the Government when dealing with procurement.