Translation of producer in Spanish:


fabricante, n.

Pronunciation /prəˈd(j)usər//prəˈdjuːsə/


  • 1

    fabricante masculine
    productor masculine
    productora feminine
  • 2

    • 2.1Television Cinema Theatre

      productor masculine
      productora feminine
      • J. K. Rowling is one of the executive producers on the film and she controlled all the recreations.
      • The ethics and interests of film producers and film archivists are sometimes in opposition.
      • Deemed too expensive by the films' producers, the shot had to happen once, or not at all.
      • Probably, producers thought that my being so open and acceptable to any good role that came my way was okay with them.
      • The Internet is an easy way for agents and producers to find young stars.
      • It provides facilities to both independent film producers and major broadcasters.
      • Then, in 1982, the film producer David Puttnam gave me a script to read.
      • I have this feeling that the producers of this film went through a pretty long list before they got to Hauer.
      • Myself, Marlon and the producer of the film, we were all sentenced to three months in prison - suspended, thank God!
      • I'm more like a film producer, a filmmaker, and I think that's how they look at me there.
      • The cable news hosts and producers apparently based their concept around this survey.
      • The producers of this show need to reconsider their initial choices and go with someone else.
      • Cash will be available to film producers to help them turn new scripts and ideas into big screen entertainment.
      • Initially, the producers were sceptical about casting two English women in the roles, but Holofcener insisted.
      • How can a film producer or a Hollywood actress ever expect to get inside the mind of a writer?
      • Mr. White, the producer on that occasion, was also the recipient of an award for his production.
      • Jews played a major part in theater and in the film industry as producers, directors and actors.
      • Whatever his failings as a film director, there is little doubt that Dean was a film producer of considerable talent and drive.
      • John Conroy is a TV producer and journalist based in Rio de Janeiro.
      • Bedazzled is a remake, always popular when producers are low on original ideas.

    • 2.2Theatre Radio

      director masculine
      directora feminine